6 Tips to Preserve Baby Skin

Skin is the most sensitive and gentle part of a baby’s body. Just the slightest wrong touch can cause irritation or infection. Since the baby’s skin is incredibly soft and tender than an average human’s skin, it needs more care and nourishment. Daily, babies should be protected from the harsh environment and toxic skincare products. Their skin is just as fragile as they are, and everyone should be gentle towards them.

For the new parents, it might be challenging to understand what is suitable for the baby’s touch and what is not. They are worried about their newborn baby and do not want them to develop an allergy or rash. This is why it is necessary to practice proper skin care and use only organic baby skincare products. Without an essential skincare routine, babies are more vulnerable to their surroundings, which might be alarming for parents. So instead of facing any troubling issues in the future, it is better to take some precautionary measures. There are six fantastic tips mentioned below that will help parents in preserving the baby’s skin. Without further ado, let us go and find out more about these tips.

Tip #1: Use of Gentle Hands While Cleaning

When a baby is born, their skin is coated with a substance known as vernix. It has a wax-like consistency that covers their whole body. After birth, it starts to peel off on its own within a few weeks, which is entirely natural. Parents who are new to this should never rub the baby’s skin or try to peel off the vernix by themselves. This will lead to irritation or rash around the body. Also, there no need to apply creams in the meantime. Just try to use a gentle sponge to clean off the layer with extra care about the diaper region and mouth of the baby.

Tip #2: Do Not Bathe Them Everyday

Cleaning and washing the baby’s body is healthy for them, but not too much. Bathing every day will take away the natural oils from the baby’s skin and make it dry and flaky. It is optimal to bathe the baby maximum 3 to 4 times a week. Also, gentle soaps should be used while washing with lukewarm water. Try to use soft towels made out of cotton to dry the baby.

Tip #3: Use of Organic Talcum Powder

After washing the baby, many parents powder their bodies with different talcum powders. It should be noted that only organic talcum powder should be used that is gentle to the touch. Try to read the labels before buying a talcum powder for your baby and get a safe product with zero chemicals. Be extra careful while powdering nearing the nappy region as it is more sensitive to skincare products.

Tip #4: Always Invest in Good Organic Products

You cannot take any risks with the newborn baby, who is still learning about the new environment and adapting to it. So instead of compromising on the price or quality, it is better to invest in some right organic skincare products. Natural products that are free from harsh chemicals and are medically approved should be used on the baby. This includes products that do not have perfume in it and other chemicals having an adverse reaction on the baby’s skin. Mild products that are tear-free and gentle should be used for extra care.

Tip #5: Be Prepare for a Diaper Rash

Well, there is a high probability of diaper rash if your baby has been wearing a dirty diaper for a long time. Even if the baby is wearing a tight diaper, then a diaper rash may occur. Try to change your baby’s diaper when it is long due or after a few hours. This will prevent the skin from reacting to the dirty diaper. Also, if your baby is sensitive to some diapers, try not to buy them in the future. Look for diapers that are gentle near the nappy area and absorb liquid quickly. If the rashes occur frequently, then consult a professional pediatrician as soon as possible.

Tip #6: Be Aware of Skin Problems

Baby’s skin can develop several skin problems about what they have exposed to, like excessive sun exposure. They may develop acne or atopic dermatitis, which is unhealthy for them. If you see any kind of unusual problem on your baby’s skin, then consult a doctor before it gets too late. There might be several reasons behind these skin problems, and the parents should have awareness about it.


Gradually, you will learn more about your baby’s skin with the help of the tips mentioned above. Try to gain enough information about your baby and how different and sensitive they are than us. Soon you will learn about the things they are allergic to and the skincare products that suit them better. So do your homework before experimenting on the gentle skin of the babies!

Adaline Jackob

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