Exotic Getaway for Your Valentine’s 2020

Finding it difficult to plan a valentine’s date for your partner? Well, get over the cliché valentine’s date and plan something more. Spending two-hours at your favorite restaurant or an exotic restaurant is not likely to make your day.

Instead, make this year’s valentine’s special by exploring a new city or your favorite place together. This way, you will get ample of time to spend with each other and detox from your work.

Discussed here are a few exotic getaways that you would enjoy with your partner:


Chicago, Illinois

Enjoy a beautiful soothing walk with your partner in the streets of this windy city. You can dance the way to your motel or Airbnb suite. The next day, you can enjoy the amazing cityscape from a bird’s eye view by taking a helicopter tour.

If you and your partner enjoy cooking, then you can explore your culinary skills. You can visit a bakery or Pizza hub near your motel and learn how to bake. You can take some of the freshly baked munchies as a souvenir.

Chicago Theatre Week happens to fall during this time as well. You can enjoy the city’s best productions together. Take in the culture, art, and ambiance of the windy city and make most of your visit to this beautiful city.

You can make the trip all the more special by gifting a titanium ring to your partner. This ring resembles that you are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship just like the metal titanium.


Oahu, Hawaii

This is counted among the best romantic locations on the earth. No wonder, the north shore of Hawaii is always excited and popular for its valentine’s day adventures.

The beautiful resorts, beaches, and the Island are lucrative spots to visit in February. Even newly married couples visit this destination for their honeymoon. If a valentine’s date is mandatory, then you can plan a beach date to make it memorable.

A four-course meal with bonfire and sound of waves to accompany you. You can also rent a beach-side cottage to spend a lazy evening and enjoy the dinner date. You can sip coconut water in the evening and also go for long walks on the beach.

Savannah, Atlanta, Georgia

This peach producing state has beautiful cobblestone streets. These streets are such that you could not miss an opportunity to hold hands or steal random kisses from your partner. The place is a hotspot for budding lovers as well as seasoned partners.

You can enjoy the coastal creeks, canoe rides, moody Spanish moss, and stately tupelo. You can plan a cruise dinner date or brunch along the Savannah river to make the day all the more special.

If not this, you can also enjoy the local folk, heritage, theatre, classical music and different dance forms in the city. Atlanta also has beautiful museums to explore.

If you happen to visit North Georgia, then don’t miss out on the amazing wine region and those giant mountains. Enjoy a mind-blowing ride in the midst of the mountains and take away home some fine wine.


Portland, Oregon

Searching for a laid-back getaway with your partner for this valentines? Then there is no other destination then Portland. You can sit all day long with a book and cuddle your partner and no one will crib about it.

Delicious cuisine to munch on and rejuvenate with your partner, what else do you need for valentines? You can enjoy amazing strawberry and dark chocolate shakes in the evening.

You can plan a traditional or quirky outing based on your preference. You can also enjoy riverboat rides to enjoy the amazing view of the city.


San Francisco, California

Pamper your partner with some bubbly champagne, dark chocolate, and cuddles. Although, the destination is near Silicon Valley-the tech hub it’s not boring.

Surprisingly, you will come across innovative ideas and spots to woo your partner. Lovers can do a lot of unusual and unique things in the Bay area. You can plan a picnic on the grass and enjoy the beautiful Bay Light Show, amazing green land on the Embarcadero, and ending the day by visiting a French or Spanish restaurant. You can also go for Gourmet walks and savor the bubbly and sweet chocolate tastings offered on the tour.

You can hide a titanium ring in one of the savories and surprise your partner. This will be a cherry on the cake and make your day memorable.

You can enjoy the amazing sky-high view during your candle-light dinner if you rent a place near San Francisco’s Union Square. The spot gives you a beautiful sight of the city and has the best time of your life.

You can enjoy endless conversations with your partner along with the exotic glimpse in front of your eyes.

Adaline Jackob

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