We know that it shouldn’t be the case, but the sad truth is that we are constantly being judged by people in the blink of an eyewhen they see you. We are judged first and foremost on the basis of how we are dressed. No matter what we wear, it makes an impression on the people that we meet and the people that we pass by. Whether we are in the office, the mart, a social gathering, a club, or on the subway, we have to face this problem. The saying that “The first impression is the last impression” is undoubtedly true to a great degree. It doesn’t matter whether you are a father, husband, friend, brother, employee, employer, or a leader, we all have to face this problem.

If you want to make sure that people take you seriously and that they look past your dressing and get to know you on a deeper level then you have to put in an ample amount of time and immense efforts to be your very best. This will give you the leverage to make people take you seriously. Dressing down might be the trend nowadays and it might be considered fashionable, but it only creates hurdles when you are striving to get to the top.

What Does Dressing Sharp Imply?

So, what does it mean when we say that you have to look smart?

Does it mean that you have to own a couple of men’s suits? What kind of suits should you own? Are suits the only way of looking dapper? Here are our definitions of what dressing smartly means:

1.  Wearing clean and fitting clothes

Looking smart means that you should take care of your clothes’ cleanliness. Dirty and smelly clothes give an entirely wrong impression. You don’t want people to avoid you, you want them to like you enough to listen to you and want to be with you. It doesn’t mean that you have to dress up in a suit all day, every day. It just means that whatever you put on, it should be neat and tidy.

Also, wearing oversized or undersized clothes takes importance away from you. It doesn’t matter if you work in an office or if you are a plumbing expert or anything else, wear clothes that fit. It not only keeps them from wear and tear, but it also gives the impression of athleticism. When we talk about clothes that fit, we don’t mean clothes that are too tight and restrictive, we mean that clothes that are not extra-large. You will see for yourself that it will feel weightless and easy to walk and work in.

2.  Know Your Style

You can only dress smart if you know your personal style. Most of the people just follow the mainstream media and the trends that come and go in fashion. It doesn’t matter if something looks good on the screen; what matters is that it should look good on you. You should select your clothes according to your hair, skin tone, budget, and body structure. We are all different—something that works for your friend or your brother might not work for you.

Why Should Young Men Dress Sharp?

After establishing what dressing sharp is all about, let’s see why it is highly important to dress sharp.

Dressing Sharp Gains Positive Attention

We exist in an era where people jump to conclusions very quickly and categorize us on the basis of what they see. You might have a very good reason to dress the way you want but people might not see it and they may not give you the chance to explain yourself to them. This is especially the case if you are going for an interview, a business meeting, a date, or any other important event where you need people to take you seriously and to look at you positively.

If you want to seize the moment and be taken seriously and if you want to rise above then you have to excel at dressing smartly. This enables us to look like we mean business and it gets us respect.

Dressing Sharp Indicates Maturity

Once we step into adulthood, we are supposed to show maturity. We are the future leaders, doctors, engineers, or anything else. You have to shape yourself so that you are ready for the challenges that will come and you are ready to take responsibility. Not just that, you also have to look the part so that people will believe in you. Dressing smart tells people that you mean business. It tells them that you are ready. They see someone who is fit, neat, intelligent, and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

Dressing Sharp Implies Self-Respect

Dressing smart doesn’t only imply that you will get respect from others, it will also enhance your self-image and increase your self-confidence. It will enforce the notion in your mind that you are capable ofmoving mountains and rising to any challenge that is presented in front of you. This is one of the best ways to believe in yourself.

You don’t believe us?

Just go and put on your best suit and look at yourself in the mirror. You will clearly feel the confidence flowing through you.

It means that you have enormous respect for your body and your hygiene. You will not only feel more confident, but you will also radiate confidence wherever you go. This will ensure that you get respect from people and that you are not ignored or neglected.

Let’s face it, we all believe that a person who doubts himself cannot do anything for anyone else. If you are not confident about yourself, how will you fare in the job interview? How will you work up the courage to ask a woman to a date night? How will you be able to lead people?


In today’s world, your image is very important. Someone who gives the right image can work wonders. And the first step is to get yourself a suit so that you look elegant, charming, and confident.

Adaline Jackob

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