10 Things about Men That Drive Women Crazy

We all know that we should never judge a book by its cover, but it rarely happens. Usually what happens is that we make snap judgments about people within 30 seconds of meeting them. Some scientists say that it happens even earlier in the meeting. We judge people according to the way that they are dressed, their posture, and everything that we can see about them. But we rely more on our eyesight than anything else.

And the one thing that most men don’t know is that clothes are just one part of it. It also includes the accessories that you wear and the details of the dressing. It’s about complimenting a great suit with a matching pair of shoes, a watch, and matching it with an alluringKenzo perfume Australia knows and loves.

So read on and find out how you can create the perfect ensemble to impress the girl of your dreams and make it past the first test:

1. Eyeglasses

Glasses represent a lot of looks and styles and they keep coming in and out of fashion. Glasses can give women different ideas about you. They might think that you look charismatic and debonair or they might think that you look a little nerdy. It is basically her beliefs about glasses that set the mood. But if you select a pair of glasses that are definitely not nerdy, then you can develop a very gentlemanly look for yourself that tells women that you are smart and stylish.

If the woman likes the nerdy look, then it can work too. Research has shown that women think that glasses definitely add to the overall effect that a man has on a woman and it makes men more attractive and dreamy. Just make sure that the glasses you choose for yourself compliment your face and are not too showy.

2. Sharp suit

In today’s world, we mainly think about suits when we have to attend some kind of meeting, conference, or some other business or official event. What we don’t understand is that there is a power in suits that can really help you make a lasting impression on women. A tailored and sharp suit can enhance your image like nothing else. Women also love to see a man who has taken the time to dress well for them. But make sure that the suits you buy for yourself fit you perfectly. Psychologists believe that a person with a V-shaped body is considered to be in the best of health.

3. Perfumes

You don’t just have to look good; you also have to smell good in order to leave a good impression on the woman you are trying to impress. Women use more than just their eyes to judge a man as we mentioned earlier. A smart looking guy who smells bad will ruin the whole impression and all the hard work that he has put into preparations. But a smart looking guy who also smells like a million bucks can add to the impression that he makes and he can really get past the first date and make something happen. Just make sure that your perfume is not too strong, and not too light. It has to compliment the entire effect that you are trying to create.

4. Pink shirts or T-shirts

Pink is most often considered to be a feminine color. But some men can really rock it with a pink shirt or a t-shirt. Wearing pink shows that you are confident in your masculinity and have a killer attitude towards what people think or say about you. Just make sure that you don’t go too overboard and select shocking pink. Better to stay on the moderate side.

5. Leather jacket

Now, this is the classic bad boy look. It says a lot about the man wearing it. A leather jacket greatly increases your style and not only will it look good, but it will also feel good. You will feel your confidence level rising.

6. Stylish watch

We are fast becoming used to looking at our smartphones to check the time. There’s no harm in it, but it makes us forget just how elegant and classy a beautiful wrist watch looks on our hands. This is the only accessory that you should wear day in and day out. You can even match different watches to your clothes to show a look of elegance and style.

7. Sportswear

Sportswear might sound shocking but it really works. Just as long as you are not invited to a party or an official event, you can rock a sports suit almost anywhere else. It gives the impression of being fit and athletic.

8. Tight jeans

Jeans are another thing that is long-lasting and give off a certain vibe. You cannot survive in your social circle without a pair of perfect jeans that go with everything. Just remember to stay in the middle. Don’t wear anything too baggy, but don’t wear extremely slim jeans as well. Neutral grounds are the key.

9. Coat

There is a whole variety of styles that you can rock depending on the occasion. You can choose from different fabrics, lengths, as well as styles. An ideal coat will make you look highly impressive as well as sharp and elegant.

10. Shoes

Almost everyone you see nowadays is wearing sneakers. Although there is nothing wrong with them, you have no idea what a pair of classic shoes can do for your image. You can wear them with a suit or with jeans. Shoes tell women a lot about your character. So choose wisely.


Follow these 10 things that we have discussed above and you can ensure that no one dismisses you or neglects you. In fact, you will be the center of women’s attention wherever you go. And it is widely known that women tend to focus more on their ears than their eyes, but still, a strong impression needs to be auditory as well as visual.

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