Tips to start the school year with style

The start of the new school year is exciting and terrifying at the same time. It lands you in a confused state of mind. You cannot wait to meet your friends, and you are excited to meet new people. At the same time, the thought of studies getting more difficult and making new friends in a new school can surely give you the jitters.Everyone wants to be noticed and popular at the new school. Here are some awesome ways to be yourself, enjoy, and impress everyone besides having a great time sitting on the pavement in the USA schools.

  1. Arrange all your belongings

 Do not let the excitement fade out. Spend time choosing the right outfit you plan to wearon your first day at school. Select a smart school bag. Since you will be using for the same bag for the rest of the year, and make sure it is durable and suitable for school. Keep your books and notebooks in the bag and buy proper stationery. You don’t want to look lost on your first day at school!

  1. Prepare yourself

Before school starts get your course books ready. A week before school, start sleeping early and waking up early so that your body gets used to the routine. If you are going to a new school, make sure that you take a trip to the school. This will help in getting you familiar with the premises beforeyour first day there. Attend your school orientation so that you get to know your teachers. Start your day with a healthy breakfast. This will help in keeping your mind active and fresh. It also keeps your energy levels high throughout the day.

  1. Actively participate in all activities

The best way to start your year in a new school is by joining different activities. Try to take part in all the co-curricular activities happening at your school. This will not only help you in being popular and making new friends but will also nurture your skills. Take part in any sports activity that interests you. Speak up during class and try to answer questions more often. This way, your teachers will know that you are an attentive student.

  1. Make good friends

“ School life is boring,” said no one ever who has been surrounded by good friends. Talk to people and be polite and respectful towards them. Act with people how you would want everyone to act with you. Always try to keep a smile on your face; it reflects that you are open to talk to people. Try to keep a distance from people you know are most likely to get in trouble and can be a bad influence on you. Try to fit in and find a person who you enjoy your time with, and who are willing to help you with your studies. If you manage to find even one good friend, your whole school year will end up being fun and a great memory.

  1. Challenge yourself

Usually, at the start of the year, everyone is rejuvenated but, as time passes their spirit to achieve good grades fades down. Do not take class tests lightly; in fact, give your full efforts. Do not get disappointed if you fail to score good grades in your tests. If not now then later, butyour hardwork will surely pay off. Set certain goals for yourself. For example, challenge yourself to score an A on your maths test. This will create a sense of competition within yourself and willhelp in enhancing your capabilities.

  1. Concentrate more during class

School can start getting difficult once the teachers start handing out a lot of worksheets. Keeping all these papers safely is a task in itself. Keep a folder with you and keep all your paperwork in one place, intact and safe. Make a google drive on your phone to save all your work and keep it handy. Make a timetable for your day and balance your studies and other activities accordingly. Set reminders on your phone to keep track of time. When you get a bunch of assignments,make a schedule and do the easiest ones in the end.By doing this, you will be done with the difficult tasks first, when your brain is active and less tired. Remember to take notes.It may sound silly, but it is a fact that whatever you write gets embedded in your mind as compared to the things you only listen to. Pay attention to thelectures in class.

  1. Do it right now!

Your biggest enemy is procrastination. Do not pile up work to do at the last minute. If you have a test on Monday, do not wait for Sunday evening to study for it. Do it beforehand, so you are completely prepared and relaxed at the last moment. Start preparing for your exams from the beginning.It is better to study in small chunks daily than to study the whole subject at the last minute.

 If you want to take part in a creative writing competition or a basketball game, just go for it.There is nothing such as the right moment, and you have to grab opportunities whenever you get them. Indulging in such activities can be a break for you from studies and can help in refreshing your mind.

Last word:

Do not let your excitement fade out by overthinking and apprehension. You will surely rock at the school. Just start your new school year with a fresh frame of mind and enjoy your school days with your friends. This will help you to perform well in your studies as well as in other school activities.

Adaline Jackob

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