5 Things to Consider Before Choosing Shoes

Shoes have been used as an item of footwear to protect and give comfort to the human feet for a long time. However, with changing times, the human mind has changed too. Shoes aren’t just meant to provide protection and comfort to human feet anymore; they have become a symbol of style and luxury. Shoes are now used to show off one’s status, taste in fashion, and personality.

You may have heard of the saying ‘give a woman the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world’.There is no denying that finding the perfect pair of shoes is a herculean task, but once you conquer your goal, it makes you feel amazing and confident. Whether it is high heels, sneakers, platform heels, or sandals — if chosen correctly, your shoes can do so much for you in terms of appearance, comfort, and style.

If you wish to know what it takes yo get your hands on the perfect pair of shoes without any regrets, this article is for you. Here are 5 things to consider before choosing shoes:

  1. Suitability

There are some key factors to consider while choosing the right type of shoe for yourself. Apart from what sort of shoe is suitable for the occasion, you first need to consider which type of shoe will suit your legs. Since you want to look your best, take a quick look at these pointers to help you find the perfect pair.

  • Heels and your leg shape are co-related. Women with thick legs should always go for thick heels when wearing a dress that exposes their legs. Thin heels will only make your legs look thicker. Choose a shoe that has short and thick heels instead.
  • Similarly, women with thin legs should wear shoes that have a focal point at the ankles. Shoes with buckles, chains or straps at ankles are good options as they will make the legs appear thicker.
  • Women with short legs should consider buying shoes that have neither closed tips nor anything at the ankles – the aim should be to show as much of your feet as possible to make your legs appear longer. Oped-toed shoes with a nice heel in a nude color can be a great option.

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  1. Occasion

Choosing and wearing the right shoe is an impression maker or breaker. Thus, it is important to choose the right shoe for the occasion. You can not go to a formal dinner wearing sneakers and similarly, you cannot go for a jog in sandals.

If you plan to wear the shoes for a longer time, choose the type that doesn’t put any strain on your feet. This is especially important when wearing heels. It is advised that the height of your heels shouldn’t be more than 3-5 inches. This ensures equal distribution of your bodyweight on your feet.

If you are not comfortable wearing heels, a good alternative is platform shoes or wedges. They give you the desired height without putting a strain on the front of your feet.

  1. Quality

Always go for the best quality of shoes as these provide durability and comfort. Although you may need to pay extra for higher quality, it will be worth it when you are able to use the shoes for years to come, without any discomfort or pain.

Good quality products can usually be found at high-end branded stores. A brand name gets its popularity because of the quality of its products. A lot of hard work, expertise, and excellent quality materials go into the making of premium quality products. This is why they can never be compared with cheaper alternatives.

Look closely at the sole type and the material used in the making of the shoe. These will speak for the quality of the shoe.

  1. Size

Getting a shoe that fits right is essential. An ill-fitting shoe is not only uncomfortable but it also can cause a number of injuries to your back and feet. Your feet change in size during different times of the day. It is therefore advised to by your shoes in the afternoon when the feet are at their largest.

Moreover, always try on your shoes and take a short walk to check for any uncomfortable edges in the shoe. Another point to note is that your feet differ in size from each other and so it makes sense to try the pair in both of your feet and then go for the option that feels the most comfortable. The ball of the foot should fitcomfortably into the widest part of the shoe and your toes should feel comfortable.  If you have hammertoes orbunions, make sure to buy shoes that cater to your requirements.

  1. Price

Price is an important deciding factor. After you have finalized the pair of shoes, consider whether they are really worth the price.

High-end brands come with hefty price tags but if you are going to wear these shoes regularly, or cannot compromise on quality and comfort, it is worth spending on an expensive pair of shoes. Alternatively, if you need something for occasional wear that you know will be sitting in your cabinet most of the time, it is not wise to spend too much on it.

Setting a budget in your mind works best. It saves you from overspending or missing out on a good but pricey pair of shoes.

Final word

Shoes make up a major part of our outfit and wearing the wrong one could ruin the overall look. Not only that, a comfortable pair can save you from back and foot pain and help you stay active throughout the day. Thus, choose wisely bykeeping the above factors in mind before buying your next pair.

Adaline Jackob

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