The mag charger is an alternate way to manual reloading

The mag charger is an alternate way to manual reloading

Many people prefer shooting for their great passion and some may choose this for entertaining purposes. For all purpose you need to buy a revolver, there are many types of revolvers available in the market and you can choose according to your usage and wish. While using the revolver the main work is loading the gun. Suppose you are going to participating any competition you need to load the cartridges a soon as possible for this purpose you need speed loader or mag charger. There are many stores available to buy the speed loader.

In earlier stages Reloading cartridges can be done manually. It’s is a late process and it suits for all time. For this purpose they introduce the advanced method called speed loader or mag charger. It will reduce the human efficiency, time and make it simpler.

Best mag loaders for revolver:

There are many speed loaders available in the market in that let’s have a discussion about some of them;

  • U loader AR15+AK Basic
  • U loader AR15+ AK bright
  • U loader AR 10.

U loader AR15+AK Basic: This is the most efficient loader that can make 10 magazines loading in few minutes. The positive thing in this loader is waterproof, multicaliber, it won’t cause any pain, easy to use. It comes in two colours natural wood, solid black and the material used for this loader is Baltic birch plywood. This loading is specially designed for beginning riflemen, marksmen, seasoned riflemen and riflemen who do shooting in extreme cold.

U loader AR15+ AK Bright: This loader comes in two attractive colours like woodland camp and KRAIT. In this the pusher is supported with magnet that makes more secure while shooting. In the loader edge there is a round marker that can match different caliber size. Sometime while loading gliding may happen to avoid such condition rubber feet has been attached. Main feature is it is a waterproof the reason for this the riflemen does shooting in the cold place, this property prevent from any repair.

U loader AR 10: This is a light weight and it can attach or detached easily in a fraction of seconds. In 60 seconds it can load 2 mags at a time that too with a single hand. The specifications of this loader are same as other two. This model comes in three colours like woodland, solid black and natural wood. Material used is same Baltic birch plywood. This is specially designed for the riflemen who has training in a combat situation and also for the beginners who has no experience before.

Where to buy this speed loader:

There are many stores in the market where you can fine many loaders. Among those these three loaders plays a major role for riflemen. These loaders can be bought on PODAVACH store. It has many products apart from loaders and they provide lifetime warranty for speed loaders. If you want a clear knowledge about these loaders, then you can visit this website podavachstore for better knowledge.

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