Popular and safe ways to remove bikini area hairs

Removing pubic hairs is a personal choice. Some women like to shave them once in a few days, others trim those hairs down, and there are few who like to leave them alone. It’s a myth that removing pubic hair is necessary to keep your genitals clean. There are no known facts that show the health benefits of removing pubic hairs. Here are some of the most widely used Bikini area hair removal techniques:

  1. Shaving – Shaving is one of the popular ways to control hair growth around the bikini line. However, for some, it’s a high maintenance job as you need to shave it every couple of days plus it also causes your genitals to feel itchy and sensitive. The most common myth about shaving is that it makes your hair grow thicker. However, if you want a smoother shave, invest in good tools and shave in every few days.
  2. Over the counter depilatories or hair removal cream – This is a painless way to remove pubic hair. However, you should know that not all hair removal creams are safe to use on bikini line and vulva. You should first read the labels and find out if it’s safe to use on the vulva. Also, make sure that you don’t leave the cream for a longer duration than what is described in the instructions. If you experience any redness, swelling or pain after using hair removal cream, then you should seek medical treatment for any possible allergy of such hair removal creams.
  3. Laser hair removal – Laser hair removal is the process during which a beam of light is used to destroy the hair follicles. The results of the laser can vary from person to person. Wearing protective eyewear is a must while taking the treatment. The duration that the procedure takes depends on the area from which hairs are supposed to be removed. Laser hair removal is a costly procedure and it takes more than six sessions to geteffective results. It’s necessary that you consult with an expert before undergoing the laser hair removal procedure.
  4. Waxing – Waxing is another highly recommended Bikini hair removal A thin warm wax is applied on the bikini line and a thin cloth is placed on the wax before it hardens. Once the wax hardens, the strip is pulled off quickly. Waxing is different from other techniques as it removes hair from the roots. With regular waxing, hair growth is significantly reduced. If you want to remove hair from your bikini area, then it’s advisable that you do it in a salon.

It doesn’t matter which bikini hair removal method you use, but whatever you are using should be safe and cause you little to no discomfort.

Adaline Jackob

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