5 Tips for Buying Gifts for the Special Man in Your Life

Buying Gifts for the Special Man

Shopping for gifts can be fun and exciting, but the experience can quickly get stressful depending on who you are buying it for. Between men and women, women typically have a tougher time looking for a gift for the man in their life. They will often ponder and worry for days or weeks on end, wanting to find the perfect item that their partner will be sure to like.

How women look at the act of giving a gift, and the gift itself, is distinctly different from how men do. This can cause a lot of confusion and frustration for both sides. For the ladies who are currently in this predicament, here are a few tips and ideas to keep in mind when shopping for a gift that men will treasure:

1. Avoid standard and novelty gift ideas

Ties, socks, belts, and wallets are some of the most popular, but also most ill-advised, gifts to give your man. Because they are so easy to find and buy, these types of presents tend to send a negative message to the recipient.

Buying an item off-the-rack gives the impression that you don’t know your man well, you didn’t give a lot of thought into picking the gift, or both. Of course, this does not mean that you can’t buy your significant other fashion items. The key to being successful at it, however, is that you have to get creative.

When it comes to buying clothes or fashion accessories online, you may be surprised to know that men can be trendy. Similar to women, the fashionable man looks for items that suit his current collection of clothes and accessories. He will be cautious about adding another item to their wardrobe, whether it’s a tie, belt, or a pair of socks, that does not go with anything that he already owns.

Instead of getting him a plain handkerchief or a tie with a funny design, look for bespoke items. It could be a custom shirt, a fedora, or a stylish watch. Customized or bespoke gifts allow you to get creative while showing your special guy that he means a lot to you.

2. Understand his needs

Men are typically more practical than women and often buy only the things that they need. It is also interesting to note that most men only think of their present needs and not future ones. This is an aspect that you may want to consider when shopping for gifts.

Has he been talking about going camping in the summer? Then your gift could be a new pair of hiking boots or a tent, if he doesn’t already have these. You could visit camera accessory shops and buy a flash if he is currently into photography and is still building his collection of equipment. Think about getting an item that your man will be sure to use with joy.

novelty gift ideas

3. Consider his interests

Indulge his inner geek or nerd. Is your future spouse a huge soccer or basketball fan? Perhaps you could get him a poster autographed by his favorite athlete.

Even grown men love video games. If he is a gamer, perhaps you could find a backlit keyboard or a gamer’s chair. He is bound to enjoy gifts that will enhance his gaming experience.

You can also get creative and look for items that are conversation starters. For instance, if he loves to collect beer bottle caps, you can get him a map that can hold and display his collection. It’s the type of gift that can get him talking for weeks or even months on end.

4. Take note of the context

Be mindful of the message you are trying to convey with your present. You don’t want to get him a gift that reminds him of stressful moments. Gifts related to work and business are a few examples.

Birthdays, Christmases, and similar holidays are special times of the year when you and your partner can relax and forget most worries and responsibilities for the time being. As such, find gifts that acknowledge and celebrate those moments of peace and happiness.

5. Less is more

Price tags don’t determine the value of your gift. Just because you can afford to buy an expensive item doesn’t mean your man will appreciate it more than a less costly present. Overspending can also place added strain on your relationship, so avoid going into debt because of your gift.

As much as possible, try to set a budget before you go shopping. Having a budget puts a limit on the items you can choose from. Plus, it also encourages you to get more creative.

Regardless of the occasion, stick to buying one gift. Keep in mind that several of one type of item does not increase the overall value. On the contrary, this practice makes it less valuable.

Say, you decide to buy your hubby 50 pairs of cufflinks over the years. He might have a favorite or two, but in the end, he won’t be able to remember all 50 of them. Instead, give him a single gift that is more significant – this way, he will appreciate the thought behind it more.

Men and women may have different ways of buying gifts, but the objective is the same. Everyone wants to find a gift that their partner will enjoy and appreciate. By following these tips, you can gain a better idea of what your man would be happy to receive from you, regardless of the occasion.


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