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Amethyst is a stunningly beautiful purple coloured semiprecious stone which is a variety and species of Quartz. There are many other gemstones like the Tanzanite and the Saph hire which have purple colour, but it’s only the Amethystcrystal which has been associated commonly with the purple colour. The colour of the Amethyst can vary from a light lilac to deep royal purple and so on. The Amethyst also varies from being transparent to opaque. Sometimes this magnificent crystal is layered with white Quartz, this beautiful combination is known as Chevron Amethyst. The Amethyst sometimes also comprises of Cacoxenite which is a rare combination. Also, some this crystal is found in a combination with Citrine and this Amethyst is known as Ametrine.

Meaning and Significance:

The word Amethyst is derived from the Biblical Greek words where the alphabet‘A’ is referred to as ‘Not’ and ‘Methystos’ illustrates intoxicated. Thus, when both the words are combined it means ‘Not Drunk’. The divine Amethyst crystal is not an ordinary gemstone. It helps to calm the restless and anxious emotions by balancing them. In the olden times the Amethyst was referred to the ‘Gem of Fire’ and carries the powerful energies of spirituality, passion, creativity, and the also the energy of fire. It safeguards the wearer from all types of intoxications.

Ancient Belief:

The Amethysts virtue of preventing the wearer or the one possessing the crystal from overindulgence and drunkenness has been appreciated since ancient times. The goblets of the Romans and the Ancient Greek men were commonly studded with the Amethyst crystal with a belief that drinking wine from an Amethyst studded goblet would make the wine powerless and thus protect one from being intoxicated. It was also believed that wearing an Amethyst crystal especially on the navel, had the power to make an individual sober by helping him from being intoxicated and by controlling the over-zealousness one displays in passion. The Catholic bishops too wore amethyst studded ring in order to stay protected from intoxications which were mystical. Mere kissing the divine Amethyst crystal was believed to safeguard from paranormal intoxications and kept an individual grounded and engrossed in spiritual thoughts. It offered protection to the travellers from being robbed and being attacked by thief’s and burglars. It enhanced intelligence and helped to ward off evil thoughts. The Amethyst also offered help to the soldiers by helping them to defeat the enemies and offered protection against witch crafting and black magic.

Benefits of Amethyst:

  • Amethyst is one of the most beneficial crystal which helps to effectively heal plants, people and animals.
  • Offers protection against psychic attacks, negative energies, evil eye and hexing
  • It calms the mind in heated up situation and aids in taking wise decisions
  • Helps to curb hyperactivity in children and offers relief from OCD’s
  • Offers spiritual insights which are combined with reasoning that is logical and intellectual.
  • It offers help in getting over the habit of over spending and gambling

Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Offers help in treatment of skin, stomach, heart and digestive system related problems
  • It strengthens the immune system and offers relief by reducing the pain where swellings and bruise exist.
  • Works wonders by offering relief from arthritis
  • Helps to ease mental anxiety, stress and tensions
  • Helps to treat insomnia
  • Enhances wisdom and understanding in an individual
  • Helps to overcome addiction and helps to identify the root cause of the illness

Amethyst price:

The way in which the Amethyst price is decided is different than the other gemstones. The collectors of Amethyst gemstone look for depth in the colour of the crystal. Amethyst crystals are generally available in huge structures. Hence, the price and value of the crystal is not determined by the carat weight. The red flashes of colour and the display of the colour of an Amethyst plays a significant role in deciding the price of the gemstone. One of the finest grades of Amethyst is called the ‘Deep Russian’, this gemstone is extremely rare to find and when it is found the cost of it totally dependent upon the collectors.

While purchasing an Amethyst ensure that you are purchasing this gemstone from a reputed and authentic source. Check for the colour spectrum the gemstone displays and seek a authenticity certificate.

Adaline Jackob

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