Top 5 Casio Edifice Watches For Men

Casio Edifice Watches

Casio is one of the most loved watch brands across the world. From mid range watches to sexy sports watches, you can find them all under this brand umbrella. Edifice is a collection by Casio that boasts of style and technology. It is a multi functional chronograph from Casio that’s actively forwarding the evolution of electronic technology.

Edifice amalgamates fusion of dynamic forms with elaborate designs and cutting-edge technology. The uniquely original expressions produced by the movement of hands are like potery in motion. These features transform the chronograph into new realms and unlock the hidden possibilities that it contains.

Rightly said that Edifice is a watch that recognizes the value of speed and time, and is perfect for the people who like to live in the moment.

Edifice Design:

Bold, fascinating forms and fine details, combined with simple styling that brings out the essence of metal is the basic design philosophy of this collection. Bold index –an edgy large index is the highlight of the watch. Robust modeling with straight lines and basic tones evoked a strong sense of style. Insert dial –an insert dial ring constructed of lightweight resin gives a solid metal look that’s balanced with the metal case in high quality design.

There are various collections under Edifice itself and these are:

1. Smartphone Link

2. Limited Edition

3. Solar-powered Chronograph

4. Standard Chronograph

5. Other

Edifice Quality:

The materials used in the making reflect the brand value and bring out the finest quality with no reliance on ornamentation. High-grade processing technologies combined with artisans’ skills and experience to produce superior quality required for a metal watch. Casio is a brand that symbolizes great quality and with Edifice you get the quality promise.

1. Forged stainless-steel case:

After forging and heat treating the stainless steel, precision machining is conducted to complete the boldly designed case form.

2. Polished finishing:

Expert and experienced craftsmen do Polish finishing and it produces beautiful mirror surfaces on the forged cast stainless steel.

3. Bluetooth button:

The Bluetooth mark is inscribed on top of the Bluetooth connection button. Color is applied by hand delicately as part of the time and labor intensive attention to details.

Top 5 Casio Edifice watches:

If you’re looking for sports watches, then Casio Edifice watches are a great choice. Find out the top 5 Casio Edifice watches for men.

Casio Edifice:

Black is always in vogue! It is available in a beautiful black leather strap and the complimenting grey dial looks classy and elegant. It makes a bold fashion statement.

Casio Edifice

The main features include –chronograph, date, mineral crystal glass, water resistant up to 100 m, quartz movement.

Price –Rs. 12,995/-

Casio Edifice:

For those who are a fan of metal strap watches, then this particular model is a good choice. With classic silver and blue styling, it is evergreen and is perfect for both formal and casual wear. The combination of speed and intelligence, that’s what Casio Edifice exemplifies.

The main features are –alarm, Bluetooth, solar powered, world time, stopwatch, chronograph, shock resistant, mobile link, charge indicator, annual calendar, day-date, water resistant up to 100 m. The watch comes with a 2 year warranty.

Price –Rs. 20, 995/-

Casio Edifice:

If you’re someone who’s looking to invest in a new watch, but are on a budget of less than 10k, then Casio Edifice is a good choice. There are so many sports watches and online stopwatches available. This one is a stunner with classic brown leather strap and complementing ivory dial.

Casio Edifice

The features are – chronograph, stopwatch, mineral crystal glass, water resistant up to 100 m, quartz movement. It comes with a 2 year warranty. For those whose style is simple and classy, this evergreen watch will be a great gift.

Price – Rs. 7495/-

Casio Edifice:

For men who like to keep their watches sporty and bold, this is an amazing option. The steel and black designing and that hint of red adds a touch of class. The minimalistic styling makes this watch nothing less than a piece of art. And the best part it is under 10K.

The main features are –anti reverse bezel, stopwatch, date, water resistant up to 100 m. It has a 2 year warranty and quartz movement.

Price –Rs. 9,995/-

Casio Edifice:

Cannot decide which strap color do you prefer more – gold or silver? Wouldn’t it be great if you can find them both in a single watch? When listing Casio Edifice watches for men, this one steals the show. The classic combination of silver and yellow gold is so stunning.

Casio Edifice

The main features include –chronograph, day- date, water resistant up to 100 m, small seconds, retrograde. It comes with a 2 year warranty and has a mineral crystal glass and quartz movement.

Price –Rs. 13, 995/-

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