How to choose a wig? Expert advice

The purchase of a prosthesis may seem complex, indeed, many questions arise. It is sometimes difficult to understand and learn about the different criteria for choosing the appropriate hair prosthesis. Which cut should I choose for example according to the shape of my face? It is also necessary to take into account which size to choose to feel comfortable daily. Finally, the choice of the quality of the cap is one of the essential elements because it will determine the comfort you want to choose. Follow our tips to find the wig that will suit you the most:

Which cut to choose according to the shape of my face?

Depending on the shape of your face, one cut will be more suitable than another. As much to be warned to choose well its cut …

Round faces:

It will be ideal to opt for a luxury wigs made from real human hair that will lengthen your face, for this you can turn to long and medium length hair prosthesis having more volume on the top of the head than on the cheeks. This will refine your face considerably. If you prefer short hair, you can opt for a wig with volume. To allow a more purified effect to avoid the fringes, they will cover your face and bring an aspect.

Oval faces

This form of the face is optimal because it allows you to wear any type of wig cut. If you have an oval face you can indulge yourself with a prosthesis that has short hair, long and medium-long, smooth, wavy, or curly, with bangs or without.

Fine faces

When you have a thin face, the ideal is to opt for a wig that has the volume on the sides, it will highlight the features of your face. Short models are the most suitable, however, you can also turn to models of long and medium-length hair degraded. Regarding the type of hair, wavy and curly hair will accentuate your features and make them stand out more pronounced.

Choose a wig adapted to my head

To be comfortable with your wig, you have to choose the right size. For this, you must first know the different sizes of wigs that exist, they are usually located in one of the following categories:

  • For women, there are 3 ranges of sizes:
  • Small: between 52 and 54 cm
  • Standard between 55 and 57 cm
  • Large size: between 58 and 60 cm
  • You can adjust the size of a few centimeters each model with scratches with elastic bands or small hooks located inside the cap.
  • As for men, there is a wig size that is between 57 and 61 cm. As for women’s models, it is possible to adjust the size thanks to the different fastening system

Adaline Jackob

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