Are Bar Soaps Less Hygienic than Liquid Soaps? Find Out the Truth Here!

Other people believe that bar soap is less hygienic because it doesn’t produce an ample amount of lather or foam when used. Unlike with liquid soap, a small drop of it can create lots of foam uses to clean the skin. So, the question is, are bar soap hygienic? Of course, yes!

The capabilities of soaps like Australian made soap & beauty products online don’t define how much lather it can produce; it’s about the ingredients. Besides, the skin has a natural microbiome that contains tons of several bacteria, fungi, and viruses that don’t have any adverse effect on the immune system. This microbiome boosts the skin to be healthy.

Germs and Bacteria Found on Bar Soap

Moreover, microbes of the natural skin microbiome, oils, and dead skin cells on your hand will be transferred onto everything you touch. These bacteria might be transferred to cell phones, remote controls, keyboards, mouse, liquid soap dispensers, light switches, washcloths, and towels.

But don’t worry, these germs from the bar soap or liquid soap are not harmful and can’t cause any health issues because these germs are coming from you. The body has learned to adapt to its natural microbial environment.

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On the contrary, when washing the skin, you’re using a towel for drying off, and you use the faucet for water. When used, the bacteria or germs transferred on towel or faucet remains there. The soap will remain clean; why? Because as you make a lather from the soap, it rinses off the surface and removes the bacteria that remain there before using them.

Ways to Lessen the Germs from Soaps

Keep in mind that bacteria and germs don’t want to live on the bar soap, their main target is the water that sits at the top of the bar soap. But if you’re still concerned about these things, below are the tips to help your soap gets lesser germs.

1. Dry Your Soap

Store your soap away from the water and allow it to dry before the next use. Doing so can get rid of the accumulated moist environment that becomes the germs sanctuary. If you or your family takes a lot of showers daily, consider having a couple of soap bars available in the bathroom. Having a couple of soap bars allow them to dry each of them between uses.

2. Rinse the Soap

When the soap is not dry, rinse it first before applying to your skin. Rinse the bar soap under the running water before making a lather. Doing so can get rid of the germs that sit at the top of the soap.

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