The Best Eco Friendly Boutique in New York

The Best Eco Friendly Boutique in New York

Everyone has heard of being more environmentally conscious. The world started “recycling” back in the 1960s. School students were taken on school trips to plastic recycling plants with a plastic milk carton, which was converted to a hand showing the peace sign. This was to show the effect of recycling, instead of just throwing things away. We switched from “paper” bags to plastic, to save the trees. The first Earth Day was in 1970, the ecological, and the environmental cause was born!.

This also stirred the world to become more aware of animals rights as well. No more is it acceptable to wear a fur coat or stole. As a matter of fact, a fur coat that to cost thousands of dollars, is now worthless, sitting in someone’s closet. Which is, as it should be. Cruel inhumane treatment just for a fashion statement. The same goes for makeup, using animals for testing is extremely inhumane, and should never have been implemented or tolerated.

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There are now eco-friendly boutiques, to accommodate those who wish to make a difference, while also making a statement with their conscious clothing. So, what is it all about? It is sustainable clothing, that is also ethical. It is good for the planet, animal cruelty-free, and does social good. Social goods are produced by manufacturers, who actually care about their employees, pays good wages, and good working condition. This can also mean, selling products made from countries like Africa, whose indigenous women make specialty items to help support their families.

Planet-friendly boutiques get their products from companies that use organic materials grown naturally, like cotton. Some manufacturers use recycled products, such as ocean plastic waste, which is a great thing to do with old fishing nets, that are turned into material. One company actually gives discounts on future purchases, if you take a piece of their clothing, you no longer need, to them. They either recycle and use it. or donate it.

The animal-free cruelty clothing movement began decades ago with furs, but it also covers things you don’t think about every day. Remember when items made of ivory were thought to be, a must-have? Now it makes you cringe when you realize that these things came from elephants killed for their ivory tusks. Snake and alligator skin made products are another item that must be stopped. You can do some smart shopping by buying from an eco-friendly boutique.

One such place is located in Brooklyn, New York. It is called Rue Saint Paul. It was opened in 2018, by Kelly Wang. Her career had taken her to many continents where she visited many of her favorite boutiques in many countries. However, upon returning to her home country, could not find this unique one of kind items locally. Every store had the same products, made in the same country. She loved the unique items that were made with loving care, naturally, and animal cruelty-free. She decided that she would leave her career, and open a one of a kind store with all of these unique products, right in the heart of the fashion world of New York City. Locations are now available throughout the world, and online.

You can buy anything from clothing to jewelry, makeup, accessories, and home goods, all from all over the world. Some items will come from the far reaches of the world, with exceptional quality, made all naturally. Do your part for the planet, animals, and yourself while still having fashionable looks. Check out Rue Saint Paul today!

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