How to Repair Your Jewelry?

Repair Your Jewelry

Besides being a fashion statement, jewelry can mean a lot to you if it is from a person you love. The problem starts when it is damaged or torn. A lot of people will leave it on a shelf and never fix it but in most cases, you can do it yourself. When it doesn’t mean to you that much, you can get it fixed and sell it for a larger amount.

There are many types of jewelry repairs that can be done depending on the item. In some cases, you won’t be able to do it yourself so you need to find a professional to get the job done. If you have something that is worth a lot, it’s important to find someone trusted and well experienced. You can search on Google for jewelry repair in Dallas and check the reviews. Most shops will actually have a repair shop also.

Replacing a Broken Clasp

The most common problem with necklaces is the clasp. It is very easy to get lost when it loosens up. There’s nothing much to do here unless to get a new clasp. When you are buying one, look for one that is similar in size. You won’t need some special tool to place a new one. It can happen that you need a pair of pliers to make it wider to connect but you need to be careful so you won’t damage it.

Repair Your Jewelry

Resize a Ring

We change over time, we gain or lose weight so your rings can become smaller or bigger for you. You can easily fix this with a leather mallet and metal ring mandrel. Most people won’t have these tools at home but you can easily find it online very cheap. If the ring is too small, which is in most cases, use the ring mandrel and place the item as far as it can go.

Use the leather mallet to tap the ring and repeat that on the other side. Also, flip the ring over and repeat the process. Note that re-shaping or re-sizing rings or fine jewelry that have stones can only be done by a professional without any damage. It takes a lot of experience to do it correctly without loosening stone settings. It may depend on the metal type so you need to be informed can the ring be reshaped. Read more on this page.

Knots and Tangles

You probably had your necklaces or bracelet tangled sometimes and it can be very annoying. The best way to prevent that from happening is to hang it instead of placing in a box with everyone jewelry. Sometimes you will be able to easily fix it but it can get really messy and that’s when you need some help. The worst thing is when two chains get mixed together and you can’t fix the knot.

The first thing to mention is patience because you need to have it to fix the problem. Other things you will need are baby oil, cotton swabs, a hard surface, good lighting and a couple of sewing pins. You should apply the baby oil with the cotton swab. That may do the trick itself. After applying, you can just shake the necklace and it can untangle itself. Every knot can be unraveled, you just need patience.

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Hiring a Professional

People that hire a professional usually have an item that is very expensive so they don’t want to make a mistake while fixing it themselves. If your guarantee expired and you can’t fix it at the shop you bought the item, it can be cheaper to find someone else to get it fixed. In every city, there are a lot of jewelry stores and most of them are solving these problems depending on the material.

Some will focus on gold and silver and others will work on diamonds as well. Fixing it at popular stores isn’t a smart idea because they charge a lot so you should look for a local shop that has a good reputation. You can check online reviews about their products and their rating on Google or websites related to jewelry. Most of the problems are a routine fix so you shouldn’t worry too much about damaging it more.

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