Here’s How to Choose the Ideal Gift Basket

Here’s How to Choose the Ideal Gift Basket

Gifts are your way of making someone feel special; it is an expression of love. Fortunately, there are many gifts that you can give but there will come a time that it will become more of a chore especially if you do not know what else to give.

If you want to give gifts, it is time that you look outside the box. Instead of buying predictable things, why not give something that you know they need? You can start by giving gourmet gift baskets. Here’s how to choose the ideal gift basket:

Think about the recipient

Before you start shopping for some goodies, it is important that you think about the recipient. You should remember the following things:

  • Taste: the first thing that you need to do is to reflect on the tastes of the recipient. If you need more ideas, you should talk to mutual friends.
  • Find out about their allergies: it is important that you know the recipient’s allergies to be safe. It could harm the recipient if you disregard allergies.
  • Determine their dietary restrictions: aside from the allergies, you should also look into the recipient’s dietary restrictions. It could be embarrassing to give cured meats to a vegan. It could also harm a recipient with gluten sensitivity if you give sugar cookie. The key here is to do a little digging.

Set a budget

After putting some thought into your gift, you should set a budget. Keep in mind that the price of gift baskets vary – it can range from $50 to $60. However, this can get more expensive if you consider elaborate pairings. With this, it is crucial that you decide how much you are willing to spend.

Pick a theme or occasion

Once you have set the budget, you can browse gift baskets in that specific price range. This is easier if you shop according to the event or theme. Fortunately, there are online shops that stock a wide variety of gift baskets.

You can choose baskets that are made of fresh fruits and chocolates. There are also baskets with specialty meats, crackers, cheeses, and sweets. If you want, you can also consider edible bouquets that feature bright colors and beautiful designs.

Finalise your purchase

You should shop with a reputable online retailer. As much as possible, you should look for retailers with good reviews. After lodging your order and settling your payment, you only need to wait.

If you have plenty of time, you can make gourmet gift baskets at home. This is more personalised. For sure the recipient will be happy to know that you did everything on your own. Here are some ideas worth considering:

  • Bake fresh bread: giving bread will surely remind the recipient of home. Making a loaf of soft and fluffy bread is easy and you will get better in time.
  • Make pie or cake: if the recipient loves cake, it will give them joy if you personally make the pie or cake. When making pie or cake, be sure to store, pack and transport it carefully.
  • Artisan canned goods: artisan canned goods refer to homemade preserves, pickles, and cheese. These things will surely bring back a lot of memories with grandma.

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