5 Reasons to Buy a Timex Watch Online

There is a reason why timepieces are cherished possessions and often treated as legacy items. The pride of owning an aesthetically stunning watch which also showcases engineering brilliance is something that we all dream of. There is one watch brand, however, that produces very beautiful watches known for precise timekeeping but at affordable prices – Timex. Timex watches have become a favorite in the US, India, Mexico, and many other countries across the world. If you still need reasons to buy a Timex watch, read on –

1)        Waterbury Clock Company was acquired by Thomas Olsen in 1941 and was renamed Timex Corporation. In 2008, it was renamed the Timex Group USA. The Timex watch that you plan to buy comes with over 165 years of watchmaking excellence. It incorporates years of watchmaking excellence and a historic legacy. It is this track record of reliability that has made Timex one of the favorite branded wrist watches for women and men across the globe.

2)       Affordability is certainly one of the key factors that made Timex the immensely popular brand that it is. Back in 1895, 5 pounds of candy cost 35 cents (in the US) but the Timex Yankee Pocket watch cost merely a dollar. By the end of the century, over 6 million Timex watches were sold. Mark Twain and George W Bush were among the celebrities who sported Timex watches making it all the more popular. This commitment to sell inexpensive but high-quality wristwatches has remained the hallmark of Timex. To this day, Timex is known for both affordability and quality.

3)        One of the greatest incentives that you have to buy a Timex watch is the sheer versatility of the various collections. No matter what the occasion, you are likely to find a Timex. If you are interested in online shopping for women’s watches look up the formal, casual, sports, analog, quartz, leather band, metal bracelet watches that are listed on the Timex website. The sheer range is mindboggling. Similarly, the men’s collections too are varied. From gold bracelet dress watches to vintage-inspired watches, from casual watches to formal watches, from digital watches to chronograph watches, Timex has just about everything you want.

4)       One of the top reasons for you to opt for a Timex watch online is the ease of aftersales service that the company provides. Timex India has a customer service number that is reachable from Monday through Saturday and has service centres throughout the country. While the warranty ensures that you will not require servicing in a long time but authentic straps and accessories and Timex services are available in all major cities and towns of India.

5)       With digital shopping becoming more the norm than the exception, Indians are now looking for ease of shopping on websites rather than physically visiting stores. The Timex website perfectly showcases the variety and collections of watches for men and women and highlights the latest additions. You can shop by occasion, colour, style, and features. The Timex site allows online payment and allows you to check the status of your order as well. What is more, you can check the complete specifications of the watch before placing your order.

Adaline Jackob

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