4 Wedding Gown Myths That You Should Not Pay Heed to

Finding your wedding gown is a rite of passage in the life of every bride-to-be. Whether you have dreamed of the day since you understood the meaning of the word or haven’t thought twice about your big day, there is something special when you slip on that dress for the first time. After sifting through a hundred of ‘possibilities’ and tens of ‘maybes’ there’s an element of finding the dress that’s as monumental as finding ‘the guy’ you are going to marry.

There are not only the colors, fabrics, and silhouettes that make it difficult to determine which one to finalize; there are also myths that prevent you from buying the ideal gown. To make sure, you will not be in the grip of the myths, here we have listed down a few wedding gown myths and unveil these. Take a look.

Myth 1: The wedding dress should be white

There is a common belief among people that the bride should wear a white dress on the day of her wedding. The first white wedding gown was worn by Queen Victoria in the 1800s. And after that brides started wearing white gowns as the hue is associated with purity. However, before that, women were married in dresses of the color that they like the most. The same is applicable to today’s brides. They are walking down the aisle in pink, champagne or ivory wedding gowns. Most of the times, it is the individual preference of the bride-to-be rather than the meaning behind the color that dictates the hue that she will wear. Whatever color she chooses, it is the purity of the intention, which matters the most. So, there is no point of believing that you have to stick to white color for the bridal gown.

Myth 2: The wedding gown should not be embellished with pearls

The teardrop-like shape of pearls is associated with bad lucks, as well as sadness, so making it a part of your wedding ensemble is a big no. It was believed that wearing pearls mean that the bride would do nothing but cry later on in the marriage. Of course, pearls cannot determine the fate of a wedding while the couples are in love. And so, without any fear, you can incorporate beautiful pearls in your wedding gown. Besides pearls, you can also add crystals or other embellishments as well.

Myth3: You should buy an expensive gown

Walking down the aisle in a dream-like gown is an once-in-a-lifetime experience; so, a bride-to-be should invest a lump sum amount for buying the most expensive gown. There is no point in believing such a thing. If you find a gown that is over your price point then it is better to look for another one as you have other things to purchase. If there is no fixed budget for the bridal gown, then you can go for an expensive gown. However, if your budget is limited, then opt for the shops that offer cheap wedding dresses, and choose the dress that is made just for you.

Myth4: You should order a size down

You have found the bridal gown that you were in search of, and now, it is the time to selecting your size with the bridal consultant. You are measuring into size 12 but you want to order a size 10. It is because there is a belief that brides look beautiful in smaller size dresses. Smaller size dress can create undue pressure on you. If you face a problem when wearing the dress, it would be difficult to let the gown out. You are beautiful just the way you are. So, it is best to order your current size. If required, you can later alter it down. Always restrict yourself from ordering a smaller size.

As you are now familiar with reality, don’ allow these myths to restrict you from buying a gown that you like the most and is within your budget. Once you have completed bridal gown shopping, you have to purchase dresses for your bridal squad. Burgundy, blush or gold sequin bridesmaid dresses – choose the color that complements your wedding gown as well as the theme. Opt for a reputable shop for purchasing bridesmaid dresses and set the tone of the day.

Author Bio: Jessica Macey, a popular lifestyle blogger on bridal gowns and gold sequin bridesmaid dresses, here writes on some wedding gown myths. She also suggests there is no point of believing that brides-to-be cannot buy cheap wedding dresses.

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