Are You Having Trouble Coping with Hair Loss and Hair Thinning?

It seems inevitable that many people, men especially, need to simply accept that they are losing their hair. Thinning hair and hair loss affects millions of people around the country and it can be a real source of shame and embarrassment for many. This is certainly true of younger men who are losing their hair or find that it is thinning or going grey early in their lives. For years, we have simply accepted that this happens to some people, but it can be the cause of a loss of confidence.

Why Is Our Hair Important to Us?

Thick and natural hair is a sign of youth and virility at the deepest of levels. When a person starts to lose their hair early, they often feel as if they are ageing prematurely or that they have somehow lost their youth. This can be a devastating moment of realisation for a great number of people, especially younger men.

Indeed, many men find that they feel socially isolated because of it. They may feel ashamed of their hair loss and their premature greyness. In this context, they may lose their sense of self-worth and self-confidence. The good news is that the leading hair centre for hair loss in Singapore can help.

A Modern Solution to Hair Loss and Hair Thinning

Did you know that in some health conditions, hair follicles can actually switch themselves off or slow down their production of new hair? In fact, in some people who have always had thick and lustrous hair, the overgrowth of the hair slows down at a certain age as hair follicles turn off. In a way, they take a break from producing so much hair. This just demonstrates how complex the area of hair loss and hair thinning can be.

For decades, reversing or slowing down hair loss has been like the Holy Grail for scientists and trichologists, but recent discoveries have shed new light on solutions. The key to hair growth is Cell Signal Proteins. These special proteins are like messengers that help to enable the growth of new hair.

A Better and More Natural Solution to Hair Loss

The problem is that over the years there has always been some pretty drastic solutions for hair loss, ranging from special creams that don’t work to surgical options. The surgical options do work, but they can leave significant scarring and there is the pain of recovery time. The truth is that not everyone wants to have to go through a painful surgical procedure to have thicker and more lustrous hair.

The good news is that special treatments can now encourage natural growth of hair using your own cells. By working with the Cell Signal Proteins, these new nano-products can stimulate hair growth naturally. Additionally, these new generations of hair products can awaken dormant hair follicle cells and encourage them to start growing new hair.

If you have endured hair loss for years and you have suffered from a loss of confidence, the good news is that new products can use your very own cells to stimulate new hair growth.

Adaline Jackob

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