Five Celebrity Fashion Tips to Embrace

Who Doesn’t Want to Look Like a Celebrity?

Everyone loves to look like their favourite celebrities, who have enormous influence in today’s Instagram-orientated world. They are known for their bold, innovative and stylish wardrobes, with prices beyond the reach of many. But it’s still possible to look like your favourite celebrity yet not break the bank.

What is more unavoidable than the steady, unstoppable advancement of time? Possibly nothing, which is why it appears rather preposterous to us that up-to-date society is possessed with transitory qualities like renown, charm, and, most of all, youth. The actuality of the matter is there’s no running away age, yet some do it better than maximum – sometimes, to such a astonishing degree that we are astonished to educate how old they are.

Back in the day, the young Victoria Beckham, then known as ‘Posh Spice’, was always seen in mini dresses with short hemlines or even daring catsuits. Her style has changed somewhat, and she now has several go-to colour combinations when she’s not wearing all black. No matter what she wears, she always looks good in the clothes which are often teamed with her signature pointed heels. But her tip is that menswear isn’t just for men, and she can pull it off perfectly.

Bolder and more daring is Kim Kardashian, and when it comes to fashion she isn’t afraid to show off her curves. Her fashion tip is to wear anything that is proportioned to your body. She makes the point that a good dressmaker will ensure everything fits nicely.

Gigi Hadid is one of the ‘It’ models, and her fashion tip is to wear what’s comfortable, especially if you are travelling. Her style is laid-back yet sharp, and she rules the denim and the biker look. Gigi can be effortlessly cool when she wants to.

Keep Your Own Signature Look

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According to Hello magazine, mum-of-two Rochelle Humes appears to be taking swimsuit inspiration from Holly Willoughby, as she is wearing an identical piece to the one worn by Holly.

Taylor Swift is perhaps one of the biggest pop stars of the past few years, with plenty of style clout. She swears by red lipstick and cat-eye-style make-up. She often wears very short shorts or a mini skirt, but she can still stay classy, combining it with tomboy-chic.

Fashionista Olivia Palermo never gets it wrong, and she has made it clear that white shirts do not have to be boring. Whether it’s oversized cuffs or a bold collar, Olivia has it on point. Hollywood, trends, and the media at large place an unbelievable focus on youth, with the fundamental message being somewhat distorted: you are only as precious as you are advisable. Therefore, it’s a huge comfort to notice so many experts; talented stars age so elegant, beauty standards are blasted.

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