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Wedding is a wonderful occasion not only for the bride and groom but also for two families. This special occasion gives you an opportunity to come together and drink a toast to the couple. They are going to start a new journey together. And, when you are the father or mother of the bride or the groom, there is a stronger feeling which is difficult to explain. However, it does not mean that it can’t be expressed. It can be seen on your face in the form of a beautiful smile. You feel emotional, excited and overwhelmed. You may even find it hard to keep it together.

Another way of expressing your happiness and emotions is wearing the perfect mother of the bride dress 2019. Finding the perfect dress for the mother of the bride is as tricky as finding the perfect dress for the bride.

Most of the modern moms are saying no to the traditional mother of the bride dresses. Matronly long-sleeve jacket, taffeta frocks, pastel chiffon gowns and all other traditional dresses for mother of the bride are outdated now.

These are modern moms. Give them something youthful, stylish and even daring. Now they have a lot of choices to make. There is a wide variety of dresses for mother of the bride. So, it is not going to be easy to pick the best outfit for this wonderful occasion.

Choosing the color

The right color can make her look more radiant and younger. The wedding color scheme is one of the important things you should consider. Now there is less space for the traditional etiquette in modern society. So, you can break or at least bend some of the rules to a certain extent. There was a time when wearing a black dress at a wedding was a faux pas. However, just like any other color, black is also included in the wedding color scheme. Try different colors and check how good you will look in photographs. Don’t forget considering the color of dresses of the bride and groom. And, make sure that in-laws are not wearing the same type of outfits.

Can bridesmaids and the mother of the bride choose the same color? If the bride wants, they can. However, modern brides are not following the rule of ‘matching everything’. A lot of alternations can be made to this idea. The dress for the mother of the bride can have the same color with a different shade. The mom can wear emerald or any other green shades she likes if bridesmaids choose to wear mint green.

Say No To Frumpy Mother Of Bride Dress Styles

The traditional frumpy mother of the bride dresses are not the mother of the bride dresses anymore. The traditional matronly and frumpy dresses are not that flattering. These dresses simply flatter the figure of a more mature woman. However, irrespective of their ages, all modern women are fashionable. So, these modern moms love to wear trendy and stylish dresses to look younger.

There is a huge variety of mother of the bride dresses available on the market and online stores. These dresses are available in a variety of price ranges. Due to this wide range, it is tricky to pick a dress that will make the mom look more beautiful on that day. However, if she is aware of recent trends, she can easily make the best choice without breaking the bank. Here is what in trend for mother of the bride:

Sequins and Beading

If you want admirable trendy looks, don’t shy away from sparkling outfits. Try dresses with gold encrusted beadwork or silver sequin embellishments. Sparkling outfits will make you a fashion-forward woman. You can look for a chevron pattern gown with a sparkling floral sequins overlay. A dress with a half-moon cutout back, cap sleeves, a Queen Anne neckline and slim skirt with a brush train and scalloped hem can be the best outfit for this one of the happiest days of the life.

Illusion Lace

A perfect combination of modern and classic can also do the magic. You can buy an illusion cocktail dress. An all-over illusion lace dress has every single element to give you romantic looks. Choose an outfit with lace sleeves.

You can wear chiffon and lace trumpet dress featuring curved bateau neckline, sweetheart bodice, illusion lace sleeves and V-back. Hand-beaded applique on the natural waistband will look beautiful. Flared sweep train skirt beautifully draping over your hips is perfect for flattering your figure.

Cape Sleeves

In case your arms are not one of your best features, you can choose a dress with cape-style sleeves. Explore some mother of the bride dress collections and look for a dress designed in a rich glitter fabric. Invest in an outfit forming a fitted silhouette. A dress with jewel neckline and cape sleeves can be an ideal dress. Sheath skirt with a train and full-length hemline flowing down to the floor will give you trendy looks.

Mother of the bride Etiquette – Dos and Don’ts

While many traditions and rules are changed, there are some classic traditions and rules people are still following. And, these traditions and rules are for all wedding guests. The outfit of the mother of the bride should be appropriate for the theme of the wedding. Choose your dress for the daytime if it is going to be a daytime wedding. Choose a long gown if it is going to be a formal evening wedding. If it is a beach wedding then find the mother of the bride dresses for beach wedding. If it is a spring wedding, look for mother of the bride dresses for spring.

Too much embellishment may look a little offbeat. Choose an attire with pearl, lace or intricate beadwork. The mother of the bride should wear a simple dress if the bride is wearing a classy and simple gown.

Pick an outfit that is designed for your body shape. Any outfit that is not for your body type will not only make you feel uncomfortable, no trick will help you in looking beautiful and younger. Curvy moms should pick fabrics and styles highlighting their curves. Moms with straighter bodies should choose jersey, silk, chiffon or fine knits.

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