Why Choose Hard Bags For Bikes While Travelling?

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Ideally, the hard bags for the bikers are constructed with aluminum, plastic or a combination of these two materials. And the main advantage of these bags is that they can be custom built for the motorcycles and adapted for its use. If you are always confused to choose between the hard bags and soft bags for your trips, then you should take a look here. Before you visit GIVI for the motorcycle top box specifications malaysia, you should understand why hard bags are so useful for your adventure trips. The various benefits of the hard bags are given below:

  • Stability: The hard bags can be easily attached to the bike’s rack and won’t shift until you take it off. Thus, you will have better stability while you are riding.
  • Security: You most obviously know that soft bags can rarely be locked entirely. But luckily, the hard bags can be secured easily. Along with the bag lock, the case can also be locked with the bike so that the thief can’t take away the bag easily.
  • Water and Dust Proof: With the use of good material, the hard bags stay clean and resistant to dust and water. Therefore, you will have better protection for your personal stuff irrespective of the outside weather or riding condition.
  • Convenience: The hard luggage won’t disturb you with the straps or roll tops. Thus you won’t need to carry the bags on your shoulder and you can easily use the stuff stored in the bags.

motorcycle top box specifications malaysia

  • Attachments: One of the best features of the hard bags is its capability to make space for extra You can easily attach gas or water carriers, tool holders, extra bags, other necessary gears for camping, etc, with the outside tie-down straps.
  • Multi-Use: Once you arrive at your destination, it will be easy for you to remove the pannier and use it as a stool, table, or food safe.
  • Repairable: Once a soft bag is damaged, it can be repaired. But luckily, the hard bags can be repaired by the professional easily. Aluminum is fairly easy to repair. You can hammer out the dents, weld the tears and patch holes, etc. however, if your bag has some plastic part, then it is unlikely that it will get repaired.
  • Appearance: Another great feature of the hard bags is that it looks great on the bikes. Plus, it also looks neat and clean and well managed as compared to soft bags.

Hopefully, now you understand why the adventurers prefer having hard bags instead of soft ones in their journey. Thus, you should always take a look at the motorcycle top box specifications in Malaysia to ensure that you are buying the right thing. Every biker has his/her own values and preferences. Just because you like something, that doesn’t mean that you should force the choice on others. Let the other decide for themselves which GIVI bag is better for them.

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