Comprehensive Cosmetic Solutions for your Product Range

The cosmetic industry is booming, as both men and women look for innovative products to keep their youthful looks, and if you are looking to launch a new product range, there are specialist companies that can create unique products to order. The service includes your own packaging, making it easy to create a stunning product line, and all ingredients are organic and FDA approved, leaving you with a great product line that is tried and tested.

Shampoo & Conditioners

You can choose from a stunning range of fruity fragrances that include the following:

  • Strawberry
  • Mangosteen
  • Watermelon
  • Cherry

Packaging can be designed to suit, leaving you with your own brand of top quality, natural hair care products that are guaranteed to please.

Body Lotion

Collagen body scrub leaves your skin revitalised and refreshed, and with lots of Vitamin B3, your skin becomes whiter. The Asian market is always looking for skin care products that also whiten the skin, and whether you are looking for body lotion or a company to produce soap (known as ผลิตสบู่ in Thai), there are companies that have the complete range and they are ready to incorporate their products with your branding to give you a comprehensive product solution.


There is a great range of organic soaps available today, and with skin whitening solutions, they are ideal for the Asian markets. The product has a very high anti-oxidant property by adding asparagus, which keeps skin soft and fresh. Honey and turmeric facial soap is another very popular soap product that soothes the facial skin naturally, and let’s not forget the amazing properties of Aloe Vera, which is also a sunblock and great for sensitive skin.

Collagen Face Masks

This product is very popular as it provides a deep clean, while restoring the natural skin oils, and with Thai green leaf products that are very high in collagen, you have the perfect peel-off facial mask. Why spend a fortune on R&D when there are quality products that have already been developed? Your packaging can be used with these products that are all certified and only use natural ingredients.


There is a wide range of sunscreen products that are specifically designed for the Asian markets, with mineral additives that protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Asian women are very concerned about the harmful effects of the sun on their delicate skin, and by using a quality range of sunscreen products, the skin is always protected.

If you would like to make contact with such a supplier, an online search will help you to source the right company, and with an impressive range of organic-based products, your branding can be added, to give you your very own cosmetic product line that is guaranteed to be a hit. The supplier will even provide packaging design services, ensuring that your branding is spot on, and with all products certified for commercial use, you can launch your own skin care product line in time for the spring.


Adaline Jackob

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