How to Choose Lip Gloss and Some Tips for Wearing It

Choose Lip Gloss

As a woman, at the bare minimum, you should have a lip gloss. Lip gloss is your quick retouch solution. Using this, your lips will have a luster finish. The key here is finding the right one. However, it is challenging to find the right one especially if you do not know what to look for.

Here’s how to choose the right lip gloss:

Determine the cost

For a lip gloss, no one wants to spend more that is why the cost is important in determining the right one. You should find a lip gloss that works well within your budget. Keep in mind that quality lip gloss is not always expensive.

There are some lower-end lip glosses or branded cosmetics that provide excellent glosses. You can start with butter glosses that are affordable and widely available at local drugstores.

Check the ingredients

The next thing that you need to do is to check the ingredients. Look for an all-natural lip gloss that can improve the look of your lips. With this, you should check if it incorporates natural kinds of butter like coco butter, mango butter, and shea butter.

These kinds of butter are perfect in improving chapped and cracked lips. Aside from that, they are also perfect in reducing hyperpigmentation. Simply put, choose lip glosses that are infused with oils and natural butter to improve the health of your lips.

Consider how long it will last

Quality lip gloss should spell longevity. Of course, you want your lip gloss to hold hours of wear. Check this number when inquiring about lip glosses.

Choose Lip Gloss

Establish the quality of stickiness

Finally, you should establish the quality of stickiness. You should look for a gloss that will deliver the shine without sacrificing the feel of your lips. To avoid buying sticky lip gloss, stay away from petroleum jelly and other non-polar ingredients.

Now that you know how to find one, it is crucial that you learn some tips for wearing it. The following tips should be considered when wearing intense liquid lip colour with YSL lip gloss:

• How to apply for sexier and fuller pout: if you are going for a sexier and fuller pout,you should start in the center of your lips. This is where you want to bring all the attention. Next, you need to outline the top and bottom of your mouth with the lip gloss and finish it by removing the remainder of the gloss from the corners of your mouth.

• Do not put too much lip gloss: if you put too much lip gloss, it will become sticky and it will wear off easily.

• If it does not combine with your skin tone: if you bought a gloss that does not seem to blend well with your skin tone, you should mix it with any clear gloss or petroleum jelly. Instead of throwing it or wasting it away, this is how you can make it wearable.

• Do not rub your lips together: you should not rub your lips together because it will push the gloss outward.

• For fine lines around the mouth: you need to choose a shade that is close to your skin tone if you are dealing with fine lines around your mouth.

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