Benefits Of Wearing a Stylish Watch

A watch has a unique importance which not even a smartphone can undermine. But it seems that a lot of people among us have forgotten its importance. So let’s look why wearing an excellent timepiece on your wrist is still the best choice. Well, it is not always about time. It is about your persona and the image you carry to formal and informal events.

1. A Watch Reflects Your Personality

Envision you’re meeting a gathering of individuals out of the blue, and one of them is wearing this Zenith El Primero and the another arrives wearing this Eberhard Chrono 4 Full Injection Chronograph. As a watch sweetheart, you are definitely going to develop a kind of unique feelings and perspectives about their personalities.  A person’s watch choice is important because it reflects his or her interests.

Just imagine if you receive guests who are not wearing any watches. Instead what they do the first thing after arriving is getting their mobile phones out to check the time. This act doesn’t convey much about their personalities? In fact you won’t care about their cell phones much since everyone has one or even two in his or her hands.  An excellent watch like Zenith can leave a powerful impression on you which keeps enthralling you the entire evening.

2. Watches Can Start Conversations

It sounds weird. But yes! Watches are conversation starters. What do you have to do? Or you will ask how are they going to start the conversation? Will they speak? Of course, not. How can they? If you are at a wedding or a corporate event, someone is wearing a high class watch, you can break the ice with some words like these “I loved your timepiece. Where did you get it?

It is not very complicated. A simple line “That is an incredible looking watch?” can get you a fresh relationship and lead to an extraordinary discussion with the wearer. This may start a friendship and even a business relationship. Believe me! No one talks about smartphones the same way because perhaps they look the same with the slight distinction of some features.

3. You Can Gift Watches

Daughters are the most lovely creatures on the earth.  So what are you going to give her on her birthday? A dress or new shoes? In my view the best gift for your girl after graduation is a beautiful wrist watch. You’ll see her wearing it for a long time to come — and possibly your granddaughter too one day… Give her a mobile phone and you will see that she will upgrade to new model in a matter a months. So if you give a gift, give the best thing possible.

4. Watches Add To Your Versatility

Some people, who keep a watch collection, wake up and begin the day choosing which of their watches will run best with that day’s outfit or plans. They contribute to a great extent to your outlook.

Adaline Jackob

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