Your Face Shape And Tips In Finding The Right Sunglasses

Some might think that picking out the perfect sunglasses for your face shape, in particular, is that easy. Nope, it’s not. Sunglasses are not made equal because there are some that can definitely enhance your best facial features, while other frames won’t. This would become more difficult especially if you are purchasing through sunglasses & shades online shop.

Determining Your Face Shape

Before you can choose your sunglass shade, you first need to figure out whether you have a heart, oval, round, or square-shaped face. You can either ask a friend, look in the mirror, or better yet, take a selfie! Once you have your face shape, you can start picking out your sunglasses that would beautifully compliment your features. Let this guide help you with the process. Read on so you can find out the perfect pair of sunglasses depending on your face shape.

  • The jawline is the narrowest point of a heart-shaped face. You should choose any frame that is wider on the top than the bottom.

Male: Browline, Retro Square, and Sport

Female: Cat Eye, Browline, and Retro Square

  • If you have a round-shaped face, you are widest across your cheekbones and narrower at the forehead and jawline. You can choose oversized, rectangular, and angular sunglasses to offset the roundness.

Male: Aviator, Retro Square, and Square

Female: Cat Eye, Oversized, and Square

  • For the oval-shaped face, the shape is longer than it is wide. This is the most versatile face shape because you would be able to pull off any round or square frames. Always have to take note of proportion and try not to choose sunglasses that are too big or too small for your face.

Perfect sunglasses for your face shape

Male: Aviator, Retro Square, and Round

Female: Aviator, Oversized, and Retro Square

  • Most individuals that have a square-shaped face will have a strong jaw. You would also have a wide forehead and wide cheekbones. In order to soften these features, choose sunglasses that have soft lines or those with rimless edges.

            Male: Aviator, Browline, and Round

            Female: Aviator, Browline, and Round

Now that you have your face shape, you can start searching for the best sunglasses that can enhance your assets. It is time to find the perfect style for you from the best sunglasses & shades online shop.

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