A Guide to the various types of prom dresses

Prom night is a big occasion in the life of every teenager. It is a coming out party for teens, marking the end of their high school days.One cannot even dream of attending the prom without being well-dressed for the occasion. Girls would love to have the best possible prom dress for the big night. Your prom dress should be one that creates a great effect and makes you shine on the big occasion. Before thinking of purchasing a dress, one needs to first understand the types of dresses available.

Ballroom gowns

A ballroom gown would be a great dress option for the prom night. It is essentially a long skirt that billows out after the waist and flows down until the ankles. It usually has a corset or a waist fitted top. It is a perfect dress option for a ball and is a traditional favorite for prom night.

A-line dresses

A-line dresses are those that form an A-shape from top to bottom. It is narrow at the waist and slowly widens to the hem. It is also known as a princess dress. It is a classic dress that you can consider wearing.

Baby doll dresses

This is a short dress best suited for someone who is petite. It usually has a ribbon to give the doll look. This is a dress that would make you look cute and doll-like.

Chiffon dresses

These are like a long robe that used to be worn by ancient Romans and Greeks. With a high waist, the dress flows down until the ankles. It suits any kind of body type and helps to create a good effect.

Sleeveless gowns

These are long gowns that have no sleeves or straps. One can wear a wrap or even a jacket with it or wear it as it is. It is especially suited for those having good looking shoulders.

One shoulder

This is a dress that has a strap on one shoulder and leaves the other shoulder sleeveless. This is a stylish dress and helps you look good and create a great effect.

Golden glamour dress

This dress gives a Hollywood film star look with shiny gold all over it to present a glamorous appearance. This is a bold and fashionable dress for prom night.

High low dress

A high low dress is also known as an asymmetrical dress. Its hem is high in the front and long at the back. It presents a great effect.

Modest dress

This is a very simple and elegant dress. It covers the body fully and makes you look graceful. It highlights your natural beauty. This is a good dress option if you would like present a modest look.


There are various prom dresstypes that are available in the market. Understanding the different types available is essential so that you can decide which type of dress would suit you the best. This would make your shopping all the easier.

Adaline Jackob

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