Modern Wedding Rings, New Designs for this Wedding Season


Wedding rings are very important in a wedding scenario. Everyone looks for the perfect wedding ring worn by the groom or bride. Here, we have listed some exotic wedding ring designs. These designs will surely blow your mind if you see them on any groom’s finger. These designs will add a special charm in the appearance of the groom in the immediate effect. Also, the man will be the head turner in the wedding ceremony and no one will be able to stand in front of that charm.

  1. Vivaan 18K White Gold and Diamond Anniversary Ring:

This 18K white gold wedding ring is specially designed with multi-shaped rose cut diamonds and round shaped, brilliantly cut diamonds. The ring is of 2 mm in width and 6.5, the standard size. The diamonds used here weigh around 0.36 carat all total. Every woman would want this modern wedding rings for sure.

  1. Sethi Couture Stack No. 1:

In this royal looking ring, the diamond and white gold prong are stacked one by one to increase its beauty even more.

  1. Sethi Couture Black Diamond and 18K Rose Gold Band:

In this exotic finger ring, the special black diamond is used which is very rare in nature. And along with this, an 18K rose gold bezel band is added to its charm even more. It’s for a standard finger size of 7. The round cut diamonds in this ring weighs around 0.75 carat all total.

  1. Sethi Couture Fancy Green Diamond and Black Rhodium Finished 18K White Gold Pave Tire band:

The fancy green diamond will work as the symbol of eternal love in this wedding season. So, it’s called the Eternity band too. It’s normally for a finger size of 6.5. And the brilliant green diamonds weighs 0.65 as a whole.

  1. Sethi Couture Scattered Multi Colour Diamond and 18K Rose Gold Band:

This is a finger ring which is made of a very slick design. The multi-color diamonds used here have given this ring a beautiful look and it’s can also be considered as an eternity band. It’s of the size 6.5 and a total of 19 diamonds are used here and 0.19 carat is the weight all total.

  1. Vivaan 18 Karat Rose Gold and Rose Cut Diamond Eternity Ring:

This ‘Maya’ eternity ring of rose gold and rose cut diamonds will make your day just by looking at it. It’s of 3.5 mm width and 6.5 of finger size. 14 diamonds are used here and the diamonds are all multi-shaped and given a rose cut design. These weigh around 1.13 carats in total.


We have given here a small list of some wonderful looking modern wedding rings for this wedding season. These rings are so authentic looking; you’ll fall in love with them immediately after seeing it and even more when you wear them. Original diamonds are used and they’re all of the different interesting categories. The gold bands are also very trendy according to this modern era.

Adaline Jackob

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