Important Questions To Ask Your Hairstylist Before Getting A Haircut

Important Questions To Ask Your Hairstylist Before Getting A Haircut

If you have the right haircut, it can greatly affect your features in a good way. A good haircut can even make your face look slimmer and it can also make you look 10 years younger! Once you make the wrong decision in choosing your hairstylist, the result can shatter your confidence in one false snip of the scissors. So how can you avoid these mishaps from happening?

TOP 5 Questions To Ask Your Hairstylist

It is important that you know the most important questions to ask your hairstylist. So here are the top 5 questions to ask and things to take note of when you are sitting in the stylist’s chair at hair salon Austin TX.

  • Will The New Hairstyle Look Good On Me? Most of the time, celebrities influence us when it comes to getting a new hairstyle. We even take a screenshot of their new look, bring it to the salon and show it to the hairstylist. However, we must understand that whatever hairstyle that looks good on others may not be too flattering for us. A haircut should be able to bring out your best assets while downplaying the least favorite features on your face.
  • The Hairstylists’ Credentials. If you want a professional to handle your new haircut, then you should know that all hairdressers should have a certificate that shows a completion of cosmetology school. Some even have earned advanced training certificates. But remember that a proven credential that is very important would be a satisfied client. Most of the time, our friends would recommend us to their stylists once you compliment them with their hair.

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  • Easy Or Hard To Maintain Hairstyles. Some hairstyles may look great after a salon visit, but it might be a different scenario once we are the one styling our new hairstyle. If you are a busy person and you do not have two hours to spare and spend it with a blow dryer every morning just to achieve a look, then you are just wasting money on a hairstyle that does not suit your lifestyle. Just ask for a versatile cut that would be easy to maintain even with a quick shampoo.
  • How Do I Style My New Look? If this fresh look is something new for you, don’t hesitate to ask your hair guru for styling tips before you leave the salon. These experts are able to see perfect angles of your locks which is something that you can’t see most of the time. The texture is very important to consider when you are considering a new style.
  • Show How Much Hair You Want To Cut Off. Always remember that your “one to two inches” might be different from another person’s perspective. This is why it is best to physically take your hair and show the hairstylist where you want your hair to hit and how much do you want to be cut off. Explain to your hairstylist what you want as the final look.

Your hairstylist may have the best hairstyle ideas and suggestions for you, but you should still be making the final decision. Your comfort and lifestyle should be taken into consideration because remember that you are the one who will have to deal with your locks every single day.

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