Importance of Skin Care Serum

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The use of serum for skin care is overlooked in most female facial regimens. It is considered unnecessary and expensive, as well as the usual cleanliness, tone and hydration, but it is a very effective way of preserving, extending or returning the young glow that we all want forever.

My personal favorites are the Lancome serum range, including its new input view the range of serum in Malaysia, VISIONNAIRE! 


For fast and effective results, I recommend that you use a separate day and night mode, including separate Lancome serums.

Your morning serum should focus on the brightness and brightness of the next day, and your serum at night will be restored during sleep. 


Your daily skin regimen will consist of cleansing, toning, serum, eye cream and moisturizer. I tend to use a foam remover with a morning gel cleanser and a toner designed for the combination of the skin to restore the pH balance of the skin and help close pores to minimize oil production during the day. 

Importance of Skin Care Serum

Now the important thing.

Your morning serum Lancome is called GENIFY!

I can not stress how good this serum is for skin care.

Genifique is a juvenile Lancome activator serum that will stimulate the production of milk proteins in the genes.

Other brands are similar, but I discovered that the Lancome skin care serum is the most effective and the results are shown in 5 days. My skin looked lighter, brighter, softer and clearer.

Then, you will control your Lancome skin serum with an eye cream and a day cream suitable to treat your individual care, be it hydration, lack of shine, the first signs of aging or deep wrinkles and networks.


Although it is similar to your skin day regimen, the night mode is made with products designed specifically for night use, so use a separate make-up remover if you need to clean and tone it as you did in the morning. 

Your Lancome night serum is called VISIONNAIRE!

This product was launched on September 1, I used it for 2 weeks to track some samples and I could not live without it. 

The Visionnaire serum is designed to correct various skin lesions.

The night is when the skin regenerates and regenerates itself, so it’s a good time to help repair this lancome serum, which has a new regenerative molecule, which should be the most powerful on the market!

After only 2 weeks, I can definitely see that my pores are beginning to shrink, and the overall texture of my skin is improving, and it is said that this skin care serum reduces pigmentation and regular dark spots, and also reduces wrinkles and wrinkles, we hope to continue AND obtaining more positive results.

Follow your Lancome serum with a suitable eye cream (like your day regimen) and a night moisturizer to treat your individual care.

Your night cream is different from day cream, as it helps to repair more actively at night.

Your skin is more active from 12:00 to 4:00, so a little extra help is needed to repair the damage that may occur daily due to environmental aggressors.

I use a variety of Lancome skin care serums for more than 3 years and I love them, however, there are many brands available where Lancome serums are not suitable for you.

Adaline Jackob

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