Choose your mattress according to your weight

Choose your mattress according to your weight

You have decided to change your mattress to improve your nights. Choosing a new mattress is always a difficult exercise, but very important considering the consequences of this choice: peaceful and pleasant nights in case of good choice, or back pain and difficult awakenings in case of error! To avoid the second option, it is necessary to choose a mattress according to its weight. Indeed, the mattress will have to adapt to you and the different sleepers who will lie there. According to your morphology different types of mattresses will be recommended. You will find below a small guide that will help you make the right choice for the wellbeing of your body. Visit this site for Floral Bedding.

How to choose a mattress according to its weight

It is complicated to choose a mattress in general, and even more when you have to consider the weight of the user. Why that? Because depending on your weight, the type of mattress to purchase may vary. If you are two sleepers with different weights, as is often the case, the puzzle gets complicated. However, do not worry, here are the answers to your questions. Click here for Floral Bedding.

What mattress for what weight?

As a general rule, a soft, soft mattress is recommended for light people (between 50 kg and 70kg). However, for heavier people (between 80 and 110kg), it will be necessary to choose a firmer mattress that will not sag.

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Depending on your body mass index (BMI), we recommend these types of mattresses:

The foam mattresses are suitable for lightweights because they remain soft while offering optimal support, depending on the type of foam chosen (polyether, polyurethane, viscoelastic) and its quality (high-density foam for example). However, memory foam mattresses are great for heavier people. Their ability to combine firmness and body wrap makes them comfortable and safe.

The mattresses with springs remain the most adapted to the heavier persons, including, pocket spring mattresses that help spread the weight over the entire surface of the bed. It’s the best at keeping your back.

Latex mattresses may be suitable for all weights, depending on the density chosen and the number of comfort zones available. We will see that below.

Do you sleep alone? Together?

If you are sleeping alone, follow the recommendations for choosing the right mattress for your weight. However, if you are two, how to make the mattress adapt to the two templates of sleepers when there is a noticeable difference? This is where sleeping independence takes on all its importance. By sleeping independence means the ability of the mattress to cushion the sensations caused by the movements of the person who shares your bed. At this level, the best mattresses are undoubtedly the pocket spring mattresses. This spring technology ensures a uniform distribution weight of both partners and regardless of whether one is agitated, the other should not feel it. Besides, when one partner is heavier, the mattress tends to sink on its side. With a pocket spring mattress, this little worry will be mitigated.

Know that if your two weights differ totally, it may be possible to separate the beds to avoid the problems of deformities of the spine. You can do this by using individual mattresses on the same bed base or even using separate bed bases.

Mattress for obese people

For people who are obese, there are now special mattresses that healthily support the body. However, conventional mattresses may be suitable. It is advisable to choose a mattress firm and wide enough so that the weight is distributed well. In this case, also, spring mattresses are recommended. They combine comfort, good support, and a long life. You should know that the more a person is heavy, the more the bedding will be damaged quickly. Thus, pocket spring mattresses are a wise choice because of their high resistance.

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