The 3 Best Ways to Get a Sun Tan

Perhaps, at some point in your life, you want a glowing skin that looks like you’ve been kissed by the sun. Imagine the good tattoos like sunflowers or sunrays that match the sun-kissed aesthetic.

The best thing about looking for sun tan places nowadays is there are lots of tanning salons. Of course, let alone, various ways to get tanned. With all the choices laid upon you, which is the best way to get a tan skin that is safe for your skin?

Enjoy the Beach

One of the suntan places that you can always go to is the beach. Yes, as natural as it can be, you can get kissed by the sun.

However, you need to keep in mind that it might take much time. It’s a good option if you’re on holiday or live near the beach. Also, you need to remember that sunburn is no fun. Are you willing to spend your day sunbathing? Undoubtedly, you would want to enjoy the water, too.

Tips and Tricks

Now, if you’re determined to do your tan, here are the best ways on how to do it.

  • Find the sunscreen in a broad spectrum, not just the SPF it contains. If you see sunscreens with UVA logo along with the word ‘high,’ you may consider it. You have to ensure that you get the SPF30 and not SPF50. The latter will filter 98% of the UVB rays. It can be chalky as well that you may not be able to reapply it every two hours. For those with skin that is already dark, SPF15 should do.
  • The skin has a cut-off for tanning time. It means that it will reach a point when it can no longer produce any more melanin. It only takes two to three hours before your skin become a subject to the risk of UV damage. It can mean less time for those who have much fair skin.
  • Seek shade once in a while to prevent your skin from burning.
  • Eat healthy food that can increase the skin’s natural SPF or also called lycopene. By eating tomatoes and other orange and red fruits and vegetables will add to your skin protection. Also, you may have your coffee before hitting the beach since caffeine may help cut the skin cancer risk.

Desert Sun Tanning Salons

Of course, one of the best suntan places is where the professionals are working thoroughly for your tan. Free yourself from all the trouble of going to the beach and wonder if you’re doing the right thing.

In Desert Sun Tanning Salons, there are lots of services to get your skin tanned. There is also a type of packages that you may choose from and save yourself some time and money.

Getting tanned might sound easy, but your skin is not something you should play around. Professionals with experiences in tannings and studies the concept can ensure the safety of your skin.

Adaline Jackob

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