Hot v/s cold wax: Which should you use?

We open the age-old debate about whether cold wax is a better option than hot waxing.

Every woman has had to remove excess body hair at some point. It is a bane that most women live with, but some decide to keep the hair off for a longer time by waxing it off. But there are two types of waxes you can use: hot wax or cold wax strips. Which one do you prefer?

Let’s discuss the merits and demerits of each:

Hot waxing…

Primarily uses heated wax applied on the skin with a blunt knife or a plastic applicator. Some hot waxes are applied evenly to the skin and allowed to dry for a few seconds before being pulled off – the wax itself functions as a strip.

  • The hot wax turns the hair a little soft prior to be being uprooted. A separate wax strip is then applied over the layer of hot wax and pulled.
  • Hot wax in liquid form must be re-applied on the skin over and over, since every subsequent wax strip takes away the wax.
  • Hot wax is said to grip the hair more securely than cold wax, owing to the higher temperature.
  • While hot wax certainly performs the job of taking away the hair on the skin, it needs to be handled carefully. Overheated wax may cause burns on the skin. It is also quite messy and is best left to the beautician at the salon to apply.
  • After waxing, the skin can be washed in water.
  • Sensitive skin types are not recommended hot waxing.

Meanwhile, cold waxing…

Cold waxing is a process by which wax is pre-applied on a wax strip and packaged for sale. Every time you wish to wax, just open the package and get the strip out.

  • The cold wax strips are applied directly to the skin without the need for any heating. If the strip feels hard to the touch, you may rub the unopened strip between your palms to warm up and loosen the wax a little.
  • One cold wax strip may be used about three times before you discard it, depending on the volume of hair growth. Scanty hair growth may use the same strip more than three times.
  • After use, you can use the wipes provided with the pack to remove any excess wax stuck to the skin. The excess cold wax may not be washed off with water, so using the wipe is essential.
  • The best cold wax strips can remove hair that is as small as 2 mm on the skin.
  • Cold wax strips are designed for personal use in the privacy of your home. You don’t need anyone else to apply it on you.
  • Cold waxing is possible on most parts of the body, including the armpits and bikini line.

Adaline Jackob

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