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With the arrival of the end of the year, all companies prepare their final reports to know the balance sheets and how the business was during the 12 months that are already gone. But it is essential to bear in mind, that not only that kind of tasks are those that management must request, but also, it is time to end a working year and welcome the next, with a Christmas dinner or party where gifts can be offered to workers and some recognition.

  • The objective of carrying out activities of this type allows generating an excellent work environment within the employees with the high commands. That is because not only is it intended to give a summary of what has been lived throughout the year, but it is a time in which it is allowed to reinforce the objectives of the company, the vision, the mission and the strategies used to achieve the goals. The corporate gifts supplier malaysia helps you out in many ways now.
  • In this way, corporate gifts have to incentivise workers to the point of feeling identified with their place of work. What generates a sense of commitment to everything they must do within the company and, at the same time, position the brand and advertise it.

Studies carried out by job offer platforms that exist in the country, such as , indicated that 82% of professionals surveyed reported that parties such as Christmas, generate a better work environment and 18% considered that these Activities and corporate gifts are a source of inspiration for employees and they feel more committed to the company.

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Employee motivation practices are increasingly recurring within an organisation due to the benefits it provides:

  • Incorporates and maintains adequate professionals.
  • Loyalty on the part of the workers.
  • The values ​​are rooted within the team.
  • Commitment to work.
  • Increase employee performance and productivity
  • The goals are achievable.
  • The services and products are positioned.

Increase sales

In this way, consider doing activities like these, should be part of the budget for the entire year, given the advantages they give the company.

The Suggestion is related to creativity

Offer a funny wink to the client and do not try to turn everything around the logo or company name, but these elements are in a visible but secondary place, integrated into a design that encompasses them.

Do not send anonymous gifts. They should always be accompanied by a business card or a label, a card – a greeting – with a few words or a letter. Gifts are only given without a written return when they are delivered by hand in a personal or representative capacity. Even in this case, you can attach a written note from the sending company or the executives of the person making the gift.

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