Combat the Signs of Ageing with Clarins Double Serum

What are anti-aging serums?

Anti-aging serums are lightweight and smooth moisturizers that penetrate the various layers of the skin to provide a holistic, non-sticky, and effective mechanism to deal with lines, pores, spots, and other facial skin imperfections. Due to their composition, they’re effectively able to deliver a good dose of active ingredients right down to the epidermal layer. For those whose faces have started showing early signs of aging, they must consider the use of an anti-aging serum to prevent further signs from appearing, and to tackle those that have already begun to show on the face. For this, your No.1 Anti-Ageing Double Serum from Clarins is a good fit for people of all ethnicities and skin types.

What makes serums different?

Serums are highly concentrated doses of moisturizers with active ingredients that penetrate the various layers of the skin to provide high-quality nourishment to your skin. They usually do not contain fillers or additives that standard moisturizers contain. Adding a serum to the skincare routine makes a tremendous amount of difference, and serum like your No 1 anti-ageing Double Serum from Clarins has double the potency of normal serum and can do wonders for your face.

Benefits of using a serum

  1. Long-Term Anti-ageing benefits: Those lines, spots, open pores, dry skin, and chapped skin which commonly appear on the skin, especially for women who are entering their late 20’s and beyond, can be combated effectively by using a double serum.
  2. Smooth and Bright skin: Your skin will begin to glow like it did when you were a teenager with the help of a serum. Serums usually combat problems like brown spots, pigmentation, and discoloration.
  3. Quality ingredients and effective penetration: Most moisturizers only work on the most immediate layer of the skin, that is, the epidermal layer. However, serums penetrate the skin in a manner that the change is being made from the dermal layer of the skin.
  4. Prevents skin damage: Skin damage is prevented by using serums, and it also provides additional support to the skin to retain its elasticity, remain supple and helps the skin repair itself faster.

About the Product

Undoubtedly, YourNo.1 Anti-Ageing Double serum in the market, now marketed by Clarins. Not only is it enriched with [20+1] plant extract, it’s also suitable for all skin types and can be used dynamically with your usual face cream, either at morning or nights.  It’s the only dual-phase hydric and lipidic anti-aging treatment that stimulates five vital functions of the skin and has extremely high-quality ingredients such as turmeric extract to combat the signs of aging.

With this product, you can be assured that your various skin problems such as loose skin, wrinkles, fine lines, pores, unevenness, pigmentation, and dullness are effectively combated. It’s also made of pure ingredients, so unlike other products that might make your skin look good in the short-term but destroys the skin; the Double Serum is a sustainable method to care for your skin as it not only prevents and fixes problems but also nourishes the skin.

Adaline Jackob

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