How to rule the prom party with the right prom dresses collection

You are probably excited about the graduation ceremony (and party), one of the most important and memorable events throughout your school life.

During the prom, there are so many emotions but for sure something that should not be missing is that what is under the toga can also influence a lot and believe it or not the different types of prom dresses that we use on different occasions (one for the morning, one for the night) bring us different feelings! So, to reduce tension, here are some tips to know how to dress up this great day and have your own gown by

  1. First of all, planning!

For many girls, the time of their selection is filled with stress. Therefore, it is crucial to stay ahead and focused.  Start your search with time: look at magazines, posts in social media, poll events and visit fashion stores; you can be guided by the leading brands and the most recent collections such as JVN by Jovani. Also, consult the policies of your school, just in case, so the dress code doesn’t ruin your day.

  1. The ideal way

Rather than thinking about color, fabric or shoes, following the lines of Nylon Magazine 10 No-Fail Looks To Wear To Prom—Or Really Any Big Spring Party, it is essential to clearly define which will be the most suitable cut for your body type. This will prevent you from being overwhelmed when you enter stores crowded with racks and end-up trying on over and over unflattering pieces. Picture the ideal dress, and you will see how much it will optimize your time and control your mood.

For this occasion, if you are a girl with a large bust area, our recommendation is to stay away from strapless dresses and too low cut, since what you have to avoid on these special occasions is showing too much. Remember that it is a formal event where not only your friends will attend but also the teachers and even some chaperones.

Designer dresses are always the best choice for quality and beauty; don’t worry, you will not need to use the college funds to look glamorous because there are lines like JVN by Jovani to be on trend without spending large amounts of money.

  1. Tones and flare

Once you have reduced your alternatives to a particular style, it is time to try different tones and finishes. Look for a glamorous fabric, which brings out the best of the natural tone of your complexion.

Try to have flare and silhouette, and make sure it doesn’t wrinkle easily. Also, keep in mind that brighter colors will tend to emphasize your shape, while matte shades will dull your less favorable areas. But sequins are your friends, highlight the area you feel more comfortable with; and, although you can combine textures in the same color, don’t overdo it: look for the whole to be harmonious.

  1. Accessories, please!

If you want a more spectacular look, add elegant accessories to your dress, it can be a necklace and a pair of cute earrings. If you think of wearing a mortarboard, forget about using hair accessories as it would be a nuisance. Start looking for shoes and bag with time. This will allow you that once you define the dress, you only have to look for color and texture, but not shape.

Comfortable footwear is a must, remember that you will walk in front of people and teachers and don’t want to have an accident by having super high heels. The day of your graduation should be unforgettable, but you will not want to be remembered for being the person who used the wrong shoes.

When it comes to choosing your handbag, look for something pretty and subtle, that combines with your dress, and that also fits your cell phone, a lipstick, and blush, because you will surely want to take a photo, tweet or touch up your makeup throughout the day and night.

After these simple tips to choose your dress, what remains is to enjoy and dance the night away celebrating with friends and family the effort and memories you are going to carry whatever life takes you afterward.

Adaline Jackob

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