A Guide to Mitigating Hangover Damage

A Guide to Mitigating Hangover Damage

At some point in your life, you will find yourself drinking excessively. If you are not a heavy drinker, you are not familiar about the nastiness of hangover. It is characterised by a headache, nausea, and dizziness. The misery that follows after an intense night of drinking should be expected. However, you can mitigate the damage it will cause.

If your friends consider 24 hour drinks delivery London, you should expect that heavy drinking will ensue. To prepare, you should double up on your multivitamins. The biggest misconception is that hangover is entirely about dehydration. You have to know that the main causes are inflammation and oxidative stress. If you take multivitamins, it can mitigate the damage.

Also, you have to eat meals rich in B vitamins and amino acids, which can help process the byproducts of alcohol. With this, make sure that you eat a meal containing carbs and protein before sipping alcohol to help metabolise it. Here are other tips that you can consider to mitigate the hangover damage:

Forget about champagne

Champagne is also known as sparkling wine. The bubbles are from the fermentation process. You have to be aware that the bubbles may accelerate the body’s absorption of alcohol. As a result, you will get drunk faster. On top of that, champagnes produce bad hangovers.

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Select clear liquor

If given the option, you should select clear liquor or spirits like vodka and gin. Keep in mind that spirits are distilled drinks that are made stronger. The percentage of alcohol per volume of spirits can be anywhere from 20 to 80%. Clear spirits have fewer toxins and impurities compared to dark ones. Try to avoid dark spirits like whiskey and rum.

Splurge on a drink

You can definitely save money if you choose cheaper drinks but it can possibly intensify hangover. High-end drinks are filtered the most thereby removing toxins and impurities efficiently. This can make hangover less intense. Do not be afraid to splurge on a drink if you do not want to deal with the nasty hangover. If the cost per sip is expensive, more likely you will slowly sip it.

Chug sports drink or coconut water

You heard that it is wise to chug water between drinks to avoid dehydration (which can result in a headache). If your goal is to rehydrate, the smartest choice is sports drinks (like Gatorade) or coconut water. These things can efficiently replace your electrolytes and fluid. You can avoid dehydration by alternating between booze and sports drink or coconut water.

Keep yourself busy

To distract yourself from refilling, you should keep yourself busy. Dance if you want to or play pool. This will be enough to stop you from the cycle of emptying your glass and refilling it immediately.

When you are about to sleep, do not overdo drinking water. If you drink too much water, you are putting unnecessary stress on your body. Additionally, you will have frequent bathroom runs, which can mess your sleep. Drink at least a glass of water before sleep. While you are at it, pop an ibuprofen. This will tackle the inflammation that is caused by the alcohol.

When you wake up, avoid drinking herbal teas because it can make the body process alcohol more slowly. Instead, drink Sprite or soda water can help speed up the body’s alcohol metabolism. These things can help you mitigate hangover.

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