The Unique Features Of Tencel Cellulose Fiber

Tencel fiber is here to offer you that unique touch you have been missing up until today in the textile industry. The fiber makes you feel right and natural, thanks to its botanic origin.

The natural comfort in Tencel™ cellulose fiber is also sustainable and can add more fun to live, enabling you to move easily everywhere and anywhere without much stress or discomfort. You can give expression to all your personal feelings in complete comfort, and its softness pampers your skin in the most alluring manner. The freedom of movement can enhance confidence and bring you in close contact with Mother Nature.

Aside from being natural and affordable, the textile equally adds to your luxurious look like none other. Do you live an active lifestyle or you spend several hours behind the computer each day? You can trust this textile material to fit into your preferred lifestyle, whatever that may be.

What makes it to stand out?

The tencel cellulose fiber comes from sustainable wood sources, which are derived from sustainably managed plantations and natural forests. Bear in mind that the pulp and wood used as the raw material for this fiber were obtained from controlled and certified sources.

The fibers are made using raw materials from renewable sources like beech wood which is obtained from Austria and the countries around it.

Perfect for thermal regulation

Tencel cellulose fiber feels cool to the touch and can easily absorb moisture from the body in a more efficient manner than cotton.  As a result, it can contribute its quota to the thermal regulation mechanism of the body; your skin will remain dry and cool in a pleasant way all day long and during the night.  Furthermore, the fabrics can confer the skin with dry and warm sensations for as long as you wear it.

Prevent bacterial growth

One other feature that makes the fabric unique is its preventive action against bacterial infection.  Its ability to absorb moisture creates an atmosphere not conducive to bacterial infiltration or proliferation on the skin. This feature makes it the better choice compared to other materials like synthetic or polyester. The hygienic quality is, therefore, assured at all times.

High-level sustainability

Furthermore, the fiber is environmentally sustainable because the manufactures fully place their environmental responsibility above any other thing while making this product. The production process involved in transforming the pulp into cellulosic fibers is closed loop and no worries about environmental problems. The ecological impact is low, and the resource efficiency is very high. You can use the material with 100% confidence that what you wear is not having any adverse impact on your environment.

Enhanced Breathability                  

One other feature that makes Tencel cellulose fiber the best choice for fashion is the enhanced breathability feature. The fibers can transport moisture from the skin and give the wearer a feeling of pleasant comfort all day long and throughout the night.

The material is 100% natural, and its microscopic fibrils are designed for regulating the release and absorption of moisture.  The factors above add up to make the fabric highly breathable. You can never get it wrong with the refreshing cooling sensation conferred on your skin by the fabric.

Adaline Jackob

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