4 Tips to Creating Picture-Perfect Product Images

Have you ever seen the image of a product that captivated you at first glance you just had to buy it? Maybe you weren’t even planning on buying, but the photo was mesmerizing the product looked too good to let it pass. All of us had that encounter for sure. A lot of online shoppers rely on images in making decisions whether to buy or not. If you are an online entrepreneur, a photograph is your front-line in having your goods sell better in a marketplace where competition is high. Having the perfect picture can make your product stand out against other businesses. Whether you are planning to take photos yourself or you are planning to hire professional photographers in Houston TX, you should always remember these tips.

Choosing the Perfect Background

To make things simple, set up your studio. It doesn’t have to be an entire room or an expensive one. It could just be a space at home or in your office which is free of mess and clutter. The secret to making your product stand out is to put all focus in it. It means a colorful background is more often than not, unwelcome. We recommend a clean, plain white background. Simple as it is, it makes products look great. It creates an elegant backdrop that makes the product look sophisticated and of high quality.

Playing with the Lighting

A lot of people might think that using different kinds of light will make an image look excellent, but it is the opposite. Whenever taking photographs for products, it is best to use natural lights. It brings out the real color of the product is captured and ensures that each shot is clear. The early afternoon light is best when shooting for product images. You also need to remember that it’s not just a matter of brightness, but you need to make sure the distribution of light is uniform all throughout. Another thing you have to remember when trying to create a shadow is the size of your subject. Remember, soft shadows form when your lighting source is larger than the object. On the other hand, hard shadows form when your lighting source is smaller than the object.

Keeping it Natural

The best way to attract customers or buyers for your products is for them to see how good it is. Do not just display your items and take pictures. One shot of that is enough. Help your customers imagine better by keeping it natural. Show them how it is in real life. For example, if you are selling shoes, show a photo showing your target audience wearing it and put the focus on the feet. On the other hand, if you are selling watches, show it worn on the wrist.

Having the Perfect Balance

Whenever you are shooting for things, make sure they look realistic. There should always be a balance between the object and the background. Help your customers see the image in a practical sense. Make sure you help them visualize the size of the product. If you are selling perfumes, don’t make it look like it’s the size of a vase. If it is small, put a pencil or glass next to it.

Adaline Jackob

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