The Tech-bacco of Today

            Technology is really starting to take over different areas of our lives, even inthe recreational activities that some people do such as smoking. In what way? Iqosheets is the answer. And this is what we are going to dig into deeper in the rest of this article.

            Iqos heets, which are actually better known as Heatsticks out in the market, are uniquely designed tobacco products that have the usual tobacco material and several filter sections. Compared to the usual tobacco cigarette, these heatsticks are comprised of a tobacco plug, acetate tube, polymer-film filter, mouthpiece filter made out of cellulose-acetate, and outer and mouth-end papers. This kind of heated tobacco product is made by carefully choosing selected types and origins of high-quality tobacco and blending them well. The selected tobaccos to be used are ground to perfection to provide just the right mixture and it is then processed back into a tobacco sheet in order to manufacture HEETS.

            So how does Iqos heets actually even work? The three main components of IQOS namely – the HEETS or Heatsticks which is the heated tobacco unit, IQOS holder, and the charger. In a nutshell, the IQOS works when the consumer inserts the HEETS into the IQOS holder which contains an electronically heated heater that once pushed by the consumer through the button, it draws on the heated tobacco unit which in turn provides the real taste of tobacco without burning it. By the time the user is finished with the HEETS, he shall remove it from the IQOS holder then dispose of it properly and safely in a waste bin. Through the use of the charger, consumers are then able to recharge the IQOS holder when needed.

            This heated tobacco unit is, of course, a revolutionary product of our century in the sense that after two decades of improving the idea of heating tobacco instead of burning it, we have now finally come up with a product that gives customers the satisfaction of tasting and feeling the tobacco they used to love in a new look and new way. In fact, it is reported that around 5 million people have already chosen to follow the rising trend of switching from the regular tobacco cigarette to IQOS, the known tobacco heating system. This system hasbeen globally known as well for lessening not only the impacts of tobacco to one’s health but also the impacts it may bring upon our environment. With these, it is best to look into the e-tobacco of today.

Adaline Jackob

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