Know about Treating you with care and style

Know about Treating you with care and style

Importance of customer services

For online shoppers, a frustrating thing could be having nowhere to seek help from or complain when there is a problem. For shoppers who shop at ZAFUL, they do not have to worry about this. ZAFUL provides excellent customer care services, knowing that online shopping could be a trouble to some. New users who are not familiar with the interface might need help to operate the website, or unfortunately, the shipping of product went wrong and you need assistance to make some arrangement, or maybe you want to check the stock availability for a certain product. These are the times that you need a personalized customer care staff to deal with your problems directly. We offer a number of channels for you to contact our customer services, including Facebook messenger, email and live chat. Besides a 24-hour non-stop service, our customer services are also provided in several languages, including English, French, Spanish, Russian or even Asian languages like Japanese and Chinese, ensuring customers from all over the world can get prompt assistance when necessary. In addition, you can choose what kind of problems you are facing on the interface, making us easier to send you an expert to deal with your problems and saving you more time to focus on solving the problem instead of explaining the problem.


30 Day Returns Warranty

If you are so unlucky that you cannot receive the product you want, or worse, you get the product you want but it is damaged, you do not have to freak out. ZAFUL got your back. We offer a 30-day Returns Warranty for our customers. 30 days upon your purchase, you can return any damaged or defective item, or products that are of the wrong size. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are not satisfied with your product. We in ZAFUL aim at making each and every one of our customers to feel pleased after buying from us. We would send another product, the one our customer really wants, unconditionally as long as they contact our customer service team.

Becoming one of us

Join our community as a ZAFUL member to enjoy more benefits. Not only you can get our latest information as soon as possible, you can also utilize the functions of our website. You can use the “favourite” function to save all your preferred products so that you can save them to buy at once in order to save some shipping fees. You can also be part of our loving community of fashionistas and share news of latest trends and outfits.

So join us now on ZAFUL today to enjoy more than stylish clothes but also caring customer services.

Adaline Jackob

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