A Checklist for Couples Marrying in Australia

Marriage is a lifelong commitment entered voluntarily by two people and it typically starts after the wedding. In Australia, gender or sex no longer affects the right of people to marry. December 9, 2017, was the day same-sex marriage became legal in Australia. With this, Gay weddings will increase and know more about it.

This is a joyous time. You should not stress over it but sometimes it is difficult to relax when you are planning for your wedding. If you do not want to stress over your wedding plans, you can consider wedding planners. However, if you decided to handle things personally, you should give enough time for things to be arranged before your wedding day. Here are some things that you need to consider:

Complete a Notice of Intended Marriage Form

You should get a Notice of Intended Marriage form. You can find this form on the Marriage stationery and forms page. You should complete the notice and it should be given to your celebrant at least a month before the wedding. If you want, you can give it to your celebrant 18 months before the wedding.

Set a budget

It is crucial that you set a budget first. It is also important to stick to it no matter what happens. Do not exceed because it can affect your finances in the immediate future. If you have added help from parents and other relatives, you have enough resources for extra things.

Come up with a guest list

As soon as you set the wedding date, the next thing that you should do is to come up with a guest list. At this time, you need to determine the approximate number of guests before settling the venue. If you are concerned about your wedding budget, the easiest way is to trim the wedding guest list. Remember that the bulk of wedding expenses go to wining and dining.

Look for a venue

It is time to look for a venue. It is prudent to investigate first if your wedding date falls on the same day of a specific event. If you do not consider the other events on your wedding day, it can affect hotel room availability or even traffic. Choosing venue can be overwhelming but you have to remember your budget and do not go overboard. Look for other venues so you will know which one offers cheaper prices.

Make an appointment

As soon as you reserved the venue, you need to make an appointment with the caterer for the meal plan and the cake. At this time, you should send out the invitations and be sure that it mentions the theme of the wedding. Do not forget to choose someone who will officiate the wedding.

Choose wedding clothes and other accessories

Are you having a custom-made wedding outfit? If this is the case, you need to come as early as you can so the couture has enough time to make it. Do not forget to select the wedding rings as well.

What to expect on the day of the wedding

On the day of your wedding, you should expect to sigh three marriage certificates. Both celebrants and the two witnesses should sign the certificate. You must give the marriage certificate to the registry of births, deaths, and marriages within 14 days.

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