Gold Bridesmaid Dresses and 6 Eye-Catch Nuptial Cortege Shades

You choose the most special friends you have to be right next to you at the altar. The most intimate people in your environment and part of your life. Your best friends have been a fundamental piece in your life and probably will always be. Giving you support and happy moments. That’s why you want them to be by your side in such important day. And, choosing their dresses without guidance can be a little bit of a complicated task too.

Not because it is difficult. But because of the amount of prints, models, and trends that there are throughout the season. That’s why women need fashion houses like Jovani. A great brand in the haute couture world. They presented a vast collection full of hit tones for this spring-summer 2018. Among the gowns that stand out, we have the gold bridesmaid dresses.

Color is essential in the dress of your companions. Choosing the right one means that your personalities shine together. Thus, take note of the following range of colors that is reigning this season:

Midas Touch

This metallic tone is the king of elegance resembling mythical royal tales. You can find it short, mid-leg and long-fitted. Gold can get highlighted with black nails and or a dark purse. Or with emerald green bracelets and earrings or keep it simple, go with a full gold look.

This color is triumphing in 2018 because the hue of this purple is very related to the universe and the cosmos. It is impossible for your bridesmaids to go unnoticed if they wear a color as stunning as it is.

Lilac Sky

This color is the perfect ally for any confident lady. Wearing pastel spring shades never fails. They steal glances, attracts attention and causes compliments. It is also a very spring look. It becomes a delicate lavender rose, with flashes of romanticism. It gives the sensation of calm and tranquility, without losing its striking natural. This tone looks gorgeous on dark chocolate skin and porcelain fair ones.

Extra-Tip: Also, they can rock a starstruck makeup by using a nude color lipstick and a bit of shimmer. It does not hurt to say that girls, should apply just the right amount of makeup. To look elegant and not extravagant, remember that the best makeup one that is not noticeable.

Apricot Field

We have orange, in a very fresh and autumn shade. This color will bring joy and vitality to your wedding, being such a lively and happy color. Besides, there will be a very nice contrast between the bridesmaid dresses with your pure white wedding dress. Orange will highlight your skin making it look radiant and healthy. And they can complement it with embellishments.

Sapphire Mirage

The most outstanding feature of Deep Blue is that all women can use it. Every skin tone creates a different beautiful picture with it. It will make them look very refined and slender. The grace has to prevail on your wedding night and your bridesmaids will be super happy and sexy with any Jovani dresses. Besides, with a blue courtship now only two things are missing. Something old and something new.

Viridescent Elixir

One of the surprises of the season. This tone of lime with flashes of green is striking or intense. But be careful when choosing it for your wedding, because this is a daring tone to combine. Keep in mind the color of the decoration of the place because it can be out of tune.

Platinum Values

The old single “you” has passed away. It’s a risky idea to have fun with.  Take a chance on this color for your bridesmaids. Break parameters and solidify your nuptials. Using this color in your dress is always and will be a success. It gathers three fundamental characteristics: elegant, beautiful and sensual. The black color still manages to be in the trends of the season year after year, which makes it a timeless color.

Another benefit is that platinum accentuates all body shapes. Waist-cinched or long full of rhinestones gown will fit and create a unique wedding creating a contrast with the light and dark complexions.

This list shows you the colors that are setting the trend for this spring-summer season 2018. Take a chance to admire this Jovani broad color palette. Because they will all give a different face to your wedding. Having the night of your life next to your loved ones and your real love is a once in a lifetime experience. That’s it; now you can go back to write the wedding vows in secret.

Adaline Jackob

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