4 Best-Kept Secrets to a Faster Growing Beard

Like women growing out their crowning glory, most bearded men yearn to grow a thick and healthy looking beard. Incidentally though, shaving your facial hair to make it grow faster is just an urban legend.

While for some it is as simple as having the right genetics, others will need more time, patience, some products, and proper tools to achieve that stellar look. Whatever type of facial hair you’re sporting, remember that there is no such thing as a perfect beard.

Having said that, to help you achieve your impressive look, we recommend you keep a healthy outlook and stick with a routine maintenance which includes natural beard oil for growth. To guide you in caring for your facial hair, read our 4 best-kept secrets to a faster-growing beard:

Quit Staring in the Mirror 

Similar to all body issues, the more you stare at it, the more shortcomings you notice. In relentlessly staring at your reflection, you are chronically judging yourself and the slow development of your beard.

When you learn to refrain from constantly staring at the mirror, you will be less critical of the results and you’ll learn to appreciate the small progress and growth.

 Resist Plucking Your Hair

 Like an irritating acne, some people can’t resist in popping an annoying acne. For bearded men,  on the other hand, some can’t stop playing, fiddling, and plucking their beard. Similar to the acne, the more you touch or pluck your hair,  the more damage you bring to it.

With this detrimental habit, it will result in an unhealthy facial skin with the occasional beard patchiness.  While it is a challenge to keep your hands away from your face, try to lessen the habit and you’ll definitely see improvements immediately. 

Always Cleanse and Condition

 If you are fully committed to growing your facial hair, it is wise to allocate a budget on an efficient beard wash and conditioner. Never use regular body soap on your beard. Besides that, don’t forget to brush and trim as part of your regimen. Similar to how you treat your head hair, avoid allowing it to become too oily or totally dried out.

In practicing a solid grooming routine for your beard, you’ll be guaranteed to grow a full and healthy facial hair.

 Regularly Moist Your Beard – beard oil for growth

While conditioner softens your facial hair, incorporating beard oil in your grooming regimen helps you to prevent annoying dryness that produces beard dandruff and clogged up pores that reduce facial hair growth.

In routinely applying beard oil for growth, not only will you grow out fuller and healthier hair but you will also lubricate and moisturize your facial hair and skin. Presently, these kinds of products are now lightweight and highly absorbent so you need not worry that it will leave your hair and skin completely greasy.

Adaline Jackob

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