The Most Common Military Watches You Should Know About

The Most Common Military Watches You Should Know About

In a world where time is parallel to productivity, timepieces are prevalent. A timepiece is defined as a device that measures time. A person can wear it like a wristwatch or can carry it like a pocket watch. The most common is a wristwatch.

Wristwatches can be identified according to two types: movement and display. The movement refers to the mechanism of the watch that gauges time. It can be electronic, mechanical or automatic. The display refers how the time is being shown. It can be illuminated, analog or digital.

Buying a wristwatch today is more than a fashion statement but of functionality. There are many wristwatches in the market these days. You can buy as many as you want but what is important is having the right one for your professional needs. If you are a military man or extreme sports enthusiast, choose the 15 best military watches.

When considering a military watch, you have to take a closer look at its key features and understand the benefits of these features. Keep in mind two factors: waterproof and durability. Spend the money for this and you will see your watches will endure. Here is the most common military watches brand in the market:

the 15 best military watches


Casio G-Shock is one of the most popular choices for many people. There are different products but you can start with Casio G9300-1 Mudman. This G-Shock is designed to be 660 feet water resistant and solar powered. It doesn’t end there because it has thermometer and moon graph available and of course, it is shock resistant.

Timex is considered a budget military watch. It has different products but you should consider Timex Expedition Gallatin. It is an analog watch with a matte finish. The band is nylon and has Indiglo Night Light as illumination. It is 150 feet water resistant.

Another practical military watch is Columbia. It has this CT004-005 Singletrak watch that is equipped with a thermometer and digital compass. It is also 200 meters water resistant.

Suunto is one of the best manufacturers of a compass. They also manufacture quality military watches like Suunto Core Black Military Watch. It is equipped with a compass, altimeter, barometer, sunrise/sunset timer, storm alert and 100 feet water resistance.

Remember that military watch is not just an accessory to tell time but think of it as a thing of survival when the time comes. Like your knife and good boots, you can rely on your military watches to help you survive in any situation.

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