Why chinos are great for smart casual outfits

We love summer, we love jeans, and sometimes we live in our jeans, and it becomes hard when summer comes along, and it becomes too hot to wear our jeans. There is an alternative to jeans and they are men’s chinos. Chinos are a more lightweight material and work well with the casual look. Chinos work well with even a plain white shirt or blazer. Chinos have style to them that makes them perfect for going out with friends or even a work meeting.Chinos have no fade line and come in solid colors with hidden pockets inside.Chinos work perfectly for the casual trend.

Going with blue chinos

Blue chinos are the color of proper jeans but without the heavy material and harsh lines.Blue chinos and plain white canvas sneakers work well together. Bare ankles are the summer look so avoid chinos with socks. Chinos work well when going on a date with a plain white untucked shirt and the white sneakers it’s crisp and simple.

Chinos need to be kept simple.

Chinos have a relaxed look and casual tone to them. Men’s chinos are something you would wear to a backyard party, or a walk on the beach in the evening certainly not something you would wear for a professional standard in the office or working industry.Brown loafers also work with Chinos keeping it calm and casual.Thinking about it long slung chino pants with a white shirt collar and the brown loafers are crucially casual there is no doubt about that.

Choose more relaxing tailoring.

For summer when you want to look smart but are too hot to be bothered with jeans chinos are the choice. White shirts work well in summer hiding sweat marks, and the white collar will help sharpen the look, so there isn’t too much needing to be done on the hair styling side of things.A last-minute dinner date or a night out with the boss unexpected can throw you back into stress mode figuring out what to wear last minute. A pair of chinos with the white sneakers is the casual look, easy to style with a shirt and no dry cleaning needed. Making chinos the choice for a last-minute outfit.

Looking at texture

Linen goes with summer. Oatmeal color does well in summer especially in a shirt with a little texture. Stone colored chinos work in with most shirt colors to look relaxed.With a European style pant that offers elegance at the same time with a western belt would add an injection of character. In the colder months, the chinos combine well with a chunky knit jumper while continuing with the casual side still.

Chinos have been around for years now but have been brought back to modern style. Working with both collared and non-collared shirts and plain sneakers or canvas shoes the look is kept causal yet elegant enough to wear out to a dinner date. Men’s Chinos are very comfortable and give you room to move around unlike the denim material which is more tight and constricted.

Adaline Jackob

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