Why You Should Try Babyink Keepsake Products

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Baby prints are these mediums that people use to place a baby’s hands or feet in. Basically the hands or feet are pressed in the medium to capture a significant milestone in the baby’s life. It’s a good way to trace up the weekly to monthly developments of a baby. A perfect keepsake for parents to remember and reminisce the times that has gone by when their baby still has very little hands and feet.

There is no problem in doing this, but the materials used as an ink or paint to place a baby’s hands and feet has strong chemicals that might cause harm, like allergies and rashes. It’s quite alarming that even if baby prints have been a staple idea by parents as means to track their kids growth, that there hasn’t been an ink technology that is actually known to be safe for babies. Or is it?


baby gifts Why you should switch to Babyink.com technology: Incase you haven’t realized yet, there’s a company named Babyink.com that has this ink technology that you can feel safe and at ease placing into your little one’s hands and feet in. It’s a non  messy way to print things and It’s the best baby gifts that you can give yourselves this holiday season. It’s a world first that hasn’t been done by any company that makes baby products to date. With their product:

  • Damping is easy
  • Super fun
  • Messy free
  • Non-toxic
  • Very safe to use

Only your imagination is the limit: The customization also never stops, since technically you will be receiving a piece of paper and printing materials, the sky’s the limit on what you can design the paper with. Basically it’s a bank paper and if you can let your imagination run wild, you can turn that simple paper into something beautiful that can complement your baby’s hands and feet. It comes in blue, vivid pink and soft gray. If you are welcoming parents and you still don’t know your baby’s gender, the soft gray will be the perfect color for neutrality. With a simple wipe, press and no mess step, getting the prints you want has never been this easy, fast and simple.

The little angels will not be babies forever, that is why parents are compelled to make the most out of their babies weeks and months by making their footprints and  hands as keepsakes. As much as it’s a beautiful thing to look at, the process is never easy, not to mention the medium being used like the paint and ink have questionable safety for your little angels. Most parents don’t really mind the effort, but the chemicals in the paint raises doubts about safety and can be a turn off. But there’s an easy way, a Babyink.com kind of a way. Their revolutionary technology makes printing footprints easy and safe. No more messy process, no more harmful inks because it’s 100% safe for baby use.

Adaline Jackob

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