The return of the V-neck sweater

The V-neck sweatshirt is something you might expect to see on the golf course or in your dad’s wardrobe, but certainly not on the catwalk. Nevertheless, fashion experts advise that this humble sweatshirt is having a revival right now, so you might want to start looking for modern ways to incorporate this garment into your rotation.

Fashionista highlights chokers and glitter jelly shoes as other somewhat questionable trends from yesteryear. V-neck sweaters, however, are back with a vengeance, with key clothing labels such as Prada and Lanvin showcasing them in their autumn/winter collections.

Knowing how to wear the garment is important. Get it wrong, and you’ll end up looking less Gucci and more granddad. but wear it right, and you’ll be snug, comfortable and stylish this winter. Here are some tips on rocking the V-neck sweater this season and looking fabulous.

Under a suit

A thin V-neck with clean lines in subtle tones can look seamless under a suit jacket to keep you cosy during those long winter commutes. Although V-necks come in a range of styles, colours and designs, it’s best to keep the garment plain, simple and thin rather than chunky or heavily patterned if you intend to wear it in a formal setting

Double up

A sweater on top of a sweater may make for a sweaty affair, but fashionistas insist that teaming a V-neck on top of a roll or polo neck jumper is a 1970s trend that is coming back into fashion. Don’t be afraid to clash colours and team with a pair of skinny jeans, mens Farah shirts ( and stylish sneakers to bring this vintage look into the 21st century.


Texture is a key trend this season, so clash your knitwear with a leather jacket, a woolen coat or some cord trousers to really highlight the different layers and textures within your outfit.

Au naturale

Bare all and don’t be afraid to wear a sweatshirt with little or nothing underneath. This makes for a sexy, modern look, especially when teamed with blazers or cool jackets.

Zip necks

If you’re not ready to fully embrace the V, you can compromise with a zip neck jumper. Blurring the lines between athletic and cosy knitwear, this is an easy-to-wear outer layer than can easily transcend from day to

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